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WildStar graphics comparison

Ever wondered what’s the difference between the lowest and the highest video settings in WildStar? Well, somebody compared WildStar graphics and posted a video on YouTube today.
For a work in progress it doesn’t look bad at all, even at the lowest video settings. You can check the video here:

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Weekend Wildstar Livestreams – The Stalker class and some PVP action

The weekend behind us finally saw a premiere of a dev speak video about the Stalker class. We already wrote how the livestream was postponed couple of times due to holidays and sickness, but this Saturday everything was ready for the big show.

The Stalker was also the last class to be shown. To mark this occasion WildStar also decided to hold big PVP, “Battle of the Century”, event which was lead by Lead Narrative Designer, Chad Moore and the producer, Stephen Frost.

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WildStar Settler Path

WildStar Settler
The Settler path involves more player interaction than any of the other paths. If you like to socialize with others then this is right path for you.
Settlers focus a lot on repairing and restoring things around the Nexus world. Most of the towns in the game require maintaining, and that’s where the Settlers come in handy. They can also build things in towns like buff stations, vendors, and much more that can be used by other players like Speeders!

Settlers also can build whole new posts around world that can help other players during their time in that area, while at the same time helping yourself. Let’s look at an example. Let’s say you deploy a picnic that grants anyone who uses it a +5 strength buff. For everyone who discovers your picnic and interacts with it you will receive a +2 strength buff. So not only are you helping out other players, but in doing so you are powering yourself up. Or let’s say you find a broken Resurrection Station. Fixing it will help not only you, but other members of your faction in the same area.
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WildStar Explorer Path

WildStar Explorer
Explorers are all about discovering the hidden mysteries of Nexus. You can find hidden caves, catacombs, and even whole tunnel network that can help you to move faster around a zone. You’ll search for hidden treasures and climb the highest mountain peaks in order to reach vista points. You can even go on scavenger missions to find scattered artifacts of Eldans, claim new territory, and engage in time challenges where you are required to get to a certain location in a set amount of time.

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