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Beautiful Panoramas of Wilderrun and Whitevale

WildStar panoramas
You drop down NDA, you get beautiful user created content from your game all over the internet. That’s just the case with these awesome panoramas taken from WildStar, which were captured and posted by Reddit user “The_Evil_Potatoe“.
The screenshots were made in Wilderrun and Whitevale zones of the planet Nexus, and these panoramas really do highlight in the best manner this amazing world.
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Preview of Northern Wilds Adventure

WildStar Northern Wilds MOBA
We already wrote couple of times about WildStar Adventures, a re-playable five people instances. Well we also wrote that Adventures stray from typical dungeons content a lot because they are open-ended. Compared to that, Northern Wilds Adventure is even more different from everything else we saw in MMORPG genre, thus far.
It quickly became popular among players of the beta, so IGN decided to talk more about it with Stephen Frost.
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Why is WildStar Beta ending on March 16

WildStar Winter Beta
Many who currently play WildStar Beta were kind of disappointed by the decision from Carbine Studios to end Winter Beta. Instead of it, they will be offering very limited beta, reserved only for weekends and only to players who reached level 32 or pre-order the game, as we covered in this post.
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WildStar Beta will be Available only during Weekends

Wildstar Winter Beta ends in March
Well, among great news we recently got from Carbine Studios, there are some that will hit hard everyone playing the beta right now. The most important one is that after March 16th, there won’t be 24/6 beta anymore. After that date, Beta will be available only during weekends, and only to players past level 32 or to anyone who pre-orders WildStar.
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WildStar Release date on June 3rd

WildStar release date
WildStar release date is most likely set for June 3rd – if we can trust unconfirmed and leaked post that you can see here. The post was removed soon after it was published, but not before Google managed to pick it up.
Additionally, the same post claims that pre-orders will start on March 19th and that it will grant the buyers three days early start. There will be other bonuses like access to all upcoming beta weekends, exclusive Rocket House, exclusive Housing Trophy, in-game storage bag and more. The post also mentions links new video on YouTube, which was, of course, quickly deleted.
And we wondered why Carbine was quiet last couple of weeks. Be it as it may, this is still unconfirmed rumor and we will have to wait for official announcement to start with celebrations.

The Official WildStar Tumblr page is live

Wildstar tumblr
Carbine Studios started promoting their official Wildstar Tumblr page yesterday. You can check it out if you click here. The posts on the page are a inside look “behind the scenes” at Carbine Studios, but the dev team also some teases some of the WildStar’s future content that it’s worth checking out.
The page is actually a bit older, as some posts date to February 13, but Carbine Studious just recently started promoting the page. In a week that’s behind us, there weren’t any big news about WildStar, even though some devs hinted it. If you, like us, are craving for more WildStar-related content, then you should take a quick look at the WildStar Tumblr page.