WildStar Money Making Guide

WildStar money making guide
Money making guide is made with a basic idea to help you get enough money for different WildStar features. The progression in this game comes with a handful of features like house, mounts, amps and a hybrid monthly subscription C.R.E.D.D. Thus, you need a constant inflow of cash through the game.

How to make money in WildStar

  • Don’t level up crafting skills at launch, instead take two Gathering Professions, such as Mining and Survivalist, and sell gathering materials on Commodities Exchange (CX is part of Auction house for materials and AMPs). At launch, most people will try to level up crafting professions, and all crafted items will have a big competition and low prices, thus, you’ll probably end up vendoring or re-salvaging crafted items. On the other hand, gathering mats will be in high demand at launch since everybody will want them. With two gathering skills you can equip your two tools by placing them in your action bar and activating them when you need them. If gear is placed in action bar its activation will cause it to be equipped. One tool will always be in your inventory and when activated will automatically switch with your current tool.
  • Get bigger 10 slots bags – the more bag space you have, the less often you have to go to town to empty your inventory, unless you’re a settler who can spawn own vendor bot.
  • Do as many quests as you can. Every quest rewards you with money, and as you probably know, quests on higher levels will give you more money. This includes doing your path quests as well.
  • Choose wisely quest rewards – If you don’t plan to use the quest rewards, choose the one with the highest vendor price.
  • Don’t salvage items, sell it on Auction House or to vendors. The vendor price for some items are higher than the value of the materials you can salvage from them (especially housing items and costume pieces).
  • Don’t repair your armor – Almost every quest will offer you a new better gear.
  • Do challenges. You have a chance to win AMPs and crafting materials.
  • You can buy a Hoverboard for 5000 Renown or 3500 Prestige from the Renown or PvP vendors in the capital cities, and save 24g. Renown can be earned through social activities such as grouping or mentoring. Prestige is earned by defeating enemy players and completing PVP objectives
  • Check often Auction House / Commodities Exchange Whenever you’re at the AH to sell your materials, go through AH items, and sort things for lowest value first. Buy everything that is listed below vendor price, then sell it to the vendor. If you find a crafting material at low price, buy it and sell it like you do with the rest of your stuff.
  • Don’t buy abilities and AMPs that you’ll not use in your Action Set Builder.