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Tips & Tricks guide contains comprehensive list of things that you should know before you jump into Nexus world. All tips are sorted into groups that will help you find general and advanced answers about housing, mounts, crafting, questing, and much more. If you want to share any tip with us please leave a comment below.


  • If you activate WildStar Two-Step Verification you’ll get Progression Boosts: 2% Increase to Experience, Renown, and Prestige gain
  • You can get your first house at level 14
  • Teleport button to your house is on the right hand side of the action set, where Recall button with an arrow is located.
  • You’ll be able to edit your costume at level 7. Costumes can now be edited at the Protostar Dye Specialists in Thayd and Illium, and in major questing hubs in almost all areas. Costume slots unlock at levels 7, 14, 25, 35, 45 and 50, for a total of 6 available to each character. The total number available at launch is in flux, but there will certainly be more than 2.
  • If you want to see past tutorials pop ups – Press ESC then Tutorials
  • Where I can find a bank to store my stuff? Banks are usually next to auction houses.
    For EXILE: In Thayd-Fortune’s Ground, next to an auctineer.There is also a permanent bank inside a house in gallow and the lopp village. Settlers can make a bankbox 10 meters from the house in gallow.
    For DOMINION: Illium-Fates Landing (East part, next to an auctioneer’s house )
  • Bank slots need bags, thus, don’t sell off your extra bags until you use them for bank slots.
  • If you want to get AMPs, you can buy them from vendor in Thayd for Exile. Look in tech fortunes area. For Dominions look in Illium. Amp Vendors are scattered around the world.
  • AMP items can be also obtained as random world drop, quest rewards, rewards from Scavenged Supplies boxes for completing challenges
  • How to link a quest in chat? Shift+right click quest name
  • To turn off guild icon press P then edit nameplate display
  • Shift+Scroll Wheel while hovering over a stacked inventory item will split stack.
  • Taxi stations show up as white circles on the mini map when they need to be discovered (You can discover them by right click a taxi station)
  • To preview the telegraph for an ability, simply mouseover the ability icon for a moment.
  • You can make your character walk by clicking [.] key on the number pad.
  • Recall – works similar to a Hearth Stone in WoW – you need to bind it to one of the portals located in large hub points to be able to use it first, once you’ve bound it you can teleport back there without running, when you move to a new area you can move the bind point.
  • You can ctrl+right click items to preview their looks.
  • When gaining reputation with a faction, Beloved is the max, anything over that is discarded.


  • Press ALT+F1 if you want to see FPS and Ping
  • On your innate skill (skill with R at the bottom) and the recall skill (rightmost skill on the central skill bar) you have little arrows that give you options like changing stance or porting to your home (if you have one).
  • Yellow hexagons on your map are quest objective areas and orange hex are path mission areas.
  • You can disable the channels in your chat frame by clicking the little spanner icon, then pressing the button next to Advice. You can turn it back on using the same trick.
  • If you have problems with the UI, try /reloadui before camping and returning back to the game.
  • If you stuck inside a drill, trapped beneath a crate, or free-falling indefinitely, use the command /stuck.
  • There is a key bind C for communicator that you can pop up to submit some finish quest.
  • Ctrl+drag with Left Mouse Button removes items from your action bar.
  • List of Controls and Keyboard Commands


  • You can activate your Path Action by pressing G key.
  • Grouping with someone who has a different path means you share path experience when either of you completes a path objective.
  • Built settler stations can give you some awesome buffs or even offer more taxi routes.
  • Settlers can build small camps with vendors and reputation quests
  • When there are multiple settler terminals, you can get buffs from all of them.
  • Active settler stations are highlighted with a sky beam.
  • Explorer’s Scavenger hunts have both physical items you can click on, and items you have to Dig up by standing in the right spot. Pay attention to the meter on the Path UI widget. It will be full and a green ‘Dig’ button will light up when you’re in the right spot
  • A small raised stone circle with cracked ground in the middle are explorer only ‘points of interest’ that will spawn random buffs or open up into otherwise inaccessible areas
  • Path Missions Database with screenshots


  • Quests Database with screenshots walkthrough
  • If you click the little number next to the quests name in your quest tracker it will open your questlog on said quest.
  • You can use quest items by pressing T
  • When you click on a quest title in the tracker you get arrows pointing you in the right direction.
  • While questing, look out for special settler-taxi stations, those usually travel short distance to your current quest areas.
  • You can get special weapons from named monsters. If you complete a mini quest connected to your weapon, it will give the weapon a special effect
  • If you haven’t completed a challenge don’t panic, you can restart a challenge after a cooldown, in the challenge menu.
  • You can restart challenges even if you achieved the gold medal.
  • When you’re doing a challenge and you don’t know where you can find more of X monster, look at the map. Purple hexagons indicate the zone you can find those monsters or anything else related to your challenge


  • You can buy riding skill and your first mount at level 15 for 10g. – Detailed Mount Guide
  • You can buy Hoverboards at level 25 – price ~24g
  • You can also buy a Hoverboard for 4000 Renown from the Renown vendor in the capital cities
  • Advanced riding skill comes at level 40 (costs around 35 gold, increases mounted speed by 15%).
  • Once you buy a mount, it goes into your inventory. Use it from there.
  • How to mount? Press Z
  • Mount button is placed at your bottom left corner. It is activated by keyboard button “Z”. There is a small arrow on this same button. You can use it to bring up a pop up menu with list of all mounts you have in your possession.
  • Summoning mount takes around 1,5-2,0 seconds. If you move during this time, it gets canceled.
  • You can use Hoverboard on water.
  • The sprint key also works on your hoverboard
  • Mounts can’t be used in PVP or PVE instances


  • You can start salvaging items at level 8
  • You can start crafting (tradeskill) at level 10
  • You can right click on nodes to harvest them instead of attacking them.
  • If you cancel mid-craft you lose all your mats.
  • How do you craft a rune? At lvl 15 you got a quest at the engraving station. make sure to scroll down and do “show all”.

Instances / Groupplay

  • Dungeons and Adventures earn you reputation with your faction
  • The group finder has a button to teleport you to the instance, while in an instance party. This is quite useful in case you end up outside by accident.
  • If you plan to visit the early dungeons / adventures, try to acquire some support gear first, because they are pretty hard if you go in with the DPS gear (either as a tank or healer).
  • When you mentor down you can’t use potions above the level you are mentored to.
  • You can gather a group and walk into a dungeon/adventure 3 levels before you can use the dungeon queue.
  • Warplots require 10 Warparty members to be online before the Warparty can queue.


We would like to thank WildStar community members for answering most of our questions and TheDutchess and Caithleen for creating great thread on the official forum.

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