Ellevar Datacubes, Journals and Tales Locations


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List of collectibles

Name Type Map Faction
1. A Gathering Storm Tales from Beyond the Fringe Dominion
2. Adopt-A-Ravenok Application Form Journal Dominion
3. Bugs! Bugs Everywhere! Journal Dominion
4. Cargo Lifter Operation Manual Journal Dominion
5. Cocktail List Journal Dominion
6. Commentary on the Vigilant Virtues for the Layperson Journal Dominion
7. Corrigan Doon and the Star of Dominus Tales from Beyond the Fringe Dominion
8. DATACUBE ENTRY: Aquatic Infusion Datacube Dominion
9. DATACUBE ENTRY: Augmented Life Datacube Dominion
10. DATACUBE ENTRY: Biological Agent Datacube Dominion
11. DATACUBE ENTRY: Cybernetic Perfection Datacube Dominion
12. DATACUBE ENTRY: Dangerous Obsession Datacube Dominion
13. DATACUBE ENTRY: Explosive Energy Datacube Dominion
14. DATACUBE ENTRY: Future Consequences Datacube Dominion
15. DATACUBE ENTRY: Primal Phenomenon Datacube Dominion
16. DATACUBE ENTRY: Promising Prototype Datacube Dominion
17. DATACUBE ENTRY: Recombination Chamber Datacube Dominion
18. DATACUBE ENTRY: Religious Devolution Datacube Dominion
19. DATACUBE ENTRY: Traumatic Replacement Datacube Dominion
20. DATACUBE ENTRY: Uncertain Trust Datacube Dominion
21. DATACUBE ENTRY: Unexpected Aberration Datacube Dominion
22. DATACUBE ENTRY: Violent Botany Datacube Dominion
23. Ikthian Analysis: Eldan Augmentation Journal Dominion
24. Interview with the Radiant Star Journal Dominion
25. Lost Science of the Eldan Journal Dominion
26. Nerissa’s Diary Vol. 35 Journal Dominion
27. Rare Fauna of Nexus Vol. 4 Journal Dominion
28. Ravenok Racer Illustrated #119 Journal Dominion
29. Relics of the Gods Journal Dominion
30. Rise of the Vigilant Star Tales from Beyond the Fringe Dominion
31. Shinies of Ellevar! Journal Dominion
32. So You’re Going to Die on Nexus Journal Dominion
33. Song Selections: Dominion Popular Category Journal Dominion
34. The Curious Canimid Journal Dominion
35. The Words of the Masters Journal Dominion
36. To Seek the Gods Journal Dominion
37. Tomorrow’s Listings Journal Dominion
38. Tracking the Hybrid Journal Dominion
39. Tracking the Moon Beasts Journal Dominion

7 thoughts on “Ellevar Datacubes, Journals and Tales Locations

    1. Kizoja

      Can confirm this is a data cube not on this map. -1060, -3869 Along with the already posted datacube that requires scientist entry in the lake at -2655, -3140

      The map shows 12 datacubes. If you scroll down below the map you will see all 15 in the list and can see which don’t have “Show on map” next to them. Those 3 are the ones not on the map. Hope this helps for any scientists trying to finish their missions. I think it’s pretty silly how much scientists are expected to EXPLORE when there’s a EXPLORER path that I have level 30 on a character and EVERYTHING for it had a tracker from the datachron.

  1. Chaositc

    The 7th TALES key for ‘Rise of the Vigilant Star’ is at -2730, -3100 in the southern portion of Lake Larallen on a pipe.

  2. Chaositc

    DATACUBE ENTRY: Cybernetic Perfection is located in a scientist only area. Sunken lab underwater, at the south end of Lake Larallen. -2655, -3140

    1. Leon

      It is not a SCIENTIST only quest however!
      Anyone can accept the Eldan Technology in the lake (Little gold pieces)
      EXTREMELY HARD QUEST IMO (The Circuit Part)
      You DO NOT need 5 people for it!
      At the end, after you kill a boss, there is the datacube.

  3. Chaostic

    JOURNAL: Adopt-A-Ravenok Application Form is located at -3025, -3166. In a Ravenok nest, under a tree.

  4. RAAHZ

    One Page of the A Gathering Storm is located inside the area after using the teleport at calidors excavation. It was one the secound floor i think.

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