The Curious Canimid

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On a small, grey, metal table, in a settlers settlement, Bio-Mech Facility 498.




The Curious Canimid


[ILLUSTRATION: A cartoon representation of a smiling canimid.]
This is Cappy. He is a canimid. He comes from the planet Nexus. He is curious about the world around him. He is going to dig his way around the world!

[ILLUSTRATION: Cappy burrows up from the ground with a smile on his face.]
Cappy sure likes to dig. Hello, Cappy! Your enormous claws sure do make good digging tools!

[ILLUSTRATION: Cappy stalks a jabbit.]
Cappy lives under the ground. He does not have
many friends. Will this jabbit be Cappy’s friend?

[ILLUSTRATION: Cappy smiles and looks sleepy, patting his belly.]

[ILLUSTRATION: Cappy stalks a snoglug.]
Uh-oh, Cappy. That might not be a good idea. I don’t think that snoglug wants to be your friend.

[ILLUSTRATION: The snoglug spits poison in Cappy’s face.]
Ouch! That sure must sting. Maybe Cappy’s curiosity won’t get the best of him.

[ILLUSTRATION: His eyes swollen shut and his face covered in a nasty rash,
Cappy tears apart the snoglug in a shower of guts and shell fragments in a variety of cartoonish colors that are perfect for children.]
I guess Cappy was curious what was in that snoglug after all. Guess it wasn’t an antidote for snoglug poison.

[ILLUSTRATION: Cappy stalks a Dominion warbreaker tank.]
Now that’s a curious machine of war and destruction. I wonder what Cappy makes of it? Better think this one through, Cappy!

[ILLUSTRATION: Cappy’s upper half is vaporized
by a wide-beam disintegrator ray and the tank rolls on.]
And the moral of the story is, don’t be curious. Or you might end up like Cappy, kids!

Cerico Tylus is an educator, inventor, and a self-trained canimid biologist who at the time of this writing has shot, stuffed, and mounted over seventy-three canimid since arriving on Nexus. He recommends those troubled by the events of this children’s educational tale contact their Dominion governors or other appropriate officials
and tell them that in the midst of a war that will decide the very fate of the galaxy, they should focus on a children’s book. His precise words are, “See how that goes over, why don’t you?”

Illustrator Optex of the Imperial Corps of Intelligence has studied the native fauna and flora of Nexus in order to form a complete catalog of the emperor’s domain. His favorite native fauna is the Nexus canimid, and he keeps a trained canimid as a pet at his home in Tempest Refuge.

Quick Facts

Faction: Dominion

Type: Journal

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