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Western Grimvault

List of collectibles

1. A Soldier’s Letter to HomeJournalDominion
2. A Trooper’s Letter HomeJournalExile
3. Agent’s Log XK1182JournalExile
4. Captain’s LogJournalDominion
5. Chief Medical Officer’s ReportJournalExile
6. DATACUBE ENTRY: Covert AdjustmentDatacube
7. DATACUBE ENTRY: Deranged DescentDatacube
8. DATACUBE ENTRY: Genetic ArchivesDatacube
9. DATACUBE ENTRY: Impermeable DefenseDatacube
10. DATACUBE ENTRY: Infallible Perfection Datacube
11. DATACUBE ENTRY: The Techno-CoreDatacube
12. DATACUBE ENTRY: Tighter ControlDatacube
13. DATACUBE ENTRY: Unstable MindDatacube
14. Receipt for Chowsdower-Brand Rowsdower ChowJournalDominion
15. Receipt for Splorg Kibble from SplorgSmartJournalExile
16. Security Status Report 349-YYZJournalDominion