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List of collectibles

1. Azrion the Conqueror JournalDominion
2. Black Box #45A9JournalDominion
3. Callius the CunningJournalDominion
4. DATACUBE ENTRY: Cassian InitiativeDatacubeDominion
5. DATACUBE ENTRY: Dominus BornDatacubeDominion
6. DATACUBE ENTRY: The SacrificeDatacubeDominion
7. Dominus Half-BloodJournalDominion
8. Gaius the Old JournalDominion
9. Jarec the Vigilant JournalDominion
10. Myrcalus the Vindicator JournalDominion
11. Seraphel the Builder JournalDominion
12. Tyrani the MadJournalDominion