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List of collectibles

Name Type Map Faction
1. A Test of Loyalty Tales from Beyond the Fringe Dominion
2. Artemis Zin and the Fiery Mountains of Mikros Tales from Beyond the Fringe Dominion
3. BioStudy: Terminites Journal Dominion
4. Clanlord Akekkar’s Epitaph Journal Dominion
5. Clanlord Dekaza’s Epitaph Journal Dominion
6. Clanlord Iraad’s Epitaph Journal Dominion
7. Coming of the Groundwalker Journal Dominion
8. DATACUBE ENTRY: Arboreal Ascension Datacube Dominion
9. DATACUBE ENTRY: Avian Origins Datacube Dominion
10. DATACUBE ENTRY: Biological Variety Datacube Dominion
11. DATACUBE ENTRY: Environmental Transformation Datacube Dominion
12. DATACUBE ENTRY: Evolutionary Impact Datacube Dominion
13. DATACUBE ENTRY: Fail-Safe Mechanism Datacube Dominion
14. DATACUBE ENTRY: Future Improvement Datacube Dominion
15. DATACUBE ENTRY: Geologic Acceleration Datacube Dominion
16. DATACUBE ENTRY: Mesmerizing Distraction Datacube Dominion
17. DATACUBE ENTRY: Misguided Concern Datacube Dominion
18. DATACUBE ENTRY: Potential Infestation Datacube Dominion
19. DATACUBE ENTRY: Protocol Breach Datacube Dominion
20. DATACUBE ENTRY: Savage Beauty Datacube Dominion
21. DATACUBE ENTRY: Scientific Reanimation Datacube Dominion
22. DATACUBE ENTRY: Skeletal Catalyst Datacube Dominion
23. DATACUBE ENTRY: Tragic Monument Datacube Dominion
24. DATACUBE ENTRY: Virtual Perfection Datacube Dominion
25. Giba Corli’s Research Notes Journal Dominion
26. Goti Tan’s Lab Notes Journal Dominion
27. Lost to the Tar Pits Journal Dominion
28. Martinus’s Journal Journal Dominion
29. Revenge is a Particle Destabilizer Tales from Beyond the Fringe Dominion
30. The Exile Miner’s Journal Journal Dominion
31. The Poacher’s Journal Journal Dominion
32. Ullana Shadeleaf’s Diary Journal Dominion
33. Vezaar’s Journal Journal Dominion
34. Wildwood Journal Journal Dominion