Fail-Safe Mechanism

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At the center of a main room of Exo-Lab 79 – Data Central. This datacube reveals as you reach final part of a quest “Fragments of the Past”. You can enter this lab from the Hillscourge tunnel north from the “DATACUBE ENTRY: Failsafe Mechanism” location marked at map. There is a piece of “TALES: Revenge is a Particle Destabilizer” at its start. Location of this tale is also marked at map.




DATACUBE ENTRY: Fail-Safe Mechanism


Zarkonis: Order of the Makers


Given the danger posed by a possible surface infestation of these terminites, I have created a fail-safe mechanism to immolate the queen – violently and decisively interrupting the central hive’s reproductive cycle. I sincerely hope I have reason to test the system’s capability.

Quick Facts

Faction: Dominion

Type: Datacube

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