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1. A Marauder’s Quarterly o’ Ribald DelightsJournal
2. A Song of Ice and WaterJournal
3. A Traitor’s GambleTales from Beyond the FringeDominion
4. Alchemical Ingredients of Nexus to AvoidJournalExile
5. An Innocent GranokJournalDominion
6. Beverage ListJournalExile
7. Bot Identification Made EZ!JournalExile
8. Call of the ChompacabraJournalDominion
9. Captain Aurelius’s LogJournalDominion
10. DATACUBE ENTRY: Aborted EffortDatacube
11. DATACUBE ENTRY: Appropriate SelectionDatacubeDominion
12. DATACUBE ENTRY: Artificial EvocationDatacube
13. DATACUBE ENTRY: Beneficial AdaptationDatacubeExile
14. DATACUBE ENTRY: Beneficial TraitsDatacube
15. DATACUBE ENTRY: Biomechanical AdvancementDatacube
16. DATACUBE ENTRY: Chosen OneDatacubeExile
17. DATACUBE ENTRY: Cybernetic ProgressDatacubeDominion
18. DATACUBE ENTRY: Dangerous HistoryDatacube
19. DATACUBE ENTRY: Dangerous OpinionsDatacubeExile
20. DATACUBE ENTRY: Deadly ReactionDatacubeDominion
21. DATACUBE ENTRY: Extreme ConcernDatacubeExile
22. DATACUBE ENTRY: Fluid InstabilityDatacubeExile
23. DATACUBE ENTRY: Frozen DeathDatacubeExile
24. DATACUBE ENTRY: Gender EnhancementDatacube
25. DATACUBE ENTRY: Grim WarningDatacube
26. DATACUBE ENTRY: Imminent ConflictDatacube
27. DATACUBE ENTRY: Inevitable DeclineDatacube
28. DATACUBE ENTRY: Organic CombinationDatacube
29. DATACUBE ENTRY: Physiological AmplifierDatacube
30. DATACUBE ENTRY: Protocol DeteriorationDatacube
31. DATACUBE ENTRY: Questionable OmniscienceDatacubeDominion
32. DATACUBE ENTRY: Severe ConcernDatacubeDominion
33. DATACUBE ENTRY: Surface AccessDatacube
34. DATACUBE ENTRY: System FailureDatacubeDominion
35. DATACUBE ENTRY: Toxic ResultDatacubeExile
36. DATACUBE ENTRY: Tragic ConclusionDatacubeDominion
37. DATACUBE ENTRY: Tragic OutcomeDatacube
38. DATACUBE ENTRY: Unexpected SuccessDatacubeDominion
39. DATACUBE ENTRY: Unpredictable OutcomeDatacube
40. DATACUBE ENTRY: Unstable TranscendenceDatacube
41. Dawn of the SquirgJournal
42. Day of the SquirgJournal
43. Deepfreeze Containment ProtocolsJournal
44. Ivanna CooksJournalDominion
45. Modern Lopp BrideJournal
46. Neither Death Nor Dishonor by X.P. MiscovusJournal
47. Night of the SquirgJournal
48. Prison ScheduleJournalDominion
49. Putting the “Assist” in Assistant: A Guide for New AssistantsJournal
50. Say You, Say Bleep: A Guide to Interspecies RelationsJournal
51. Shipping ManifestJournalDominion
52. Status Report: GrismaraJournalExile
53. Subject 33Tales from Beyond the Fringe
54. The Love Song of the Skeech QueenJournal
55. The MegadroidiconJournal
56. The Rules of the ‘ROKJournal
57. The Temple of Dak-BuunTales from Beyond the Fringe
58. The Widow’s WebTales from Beyond the FringeExile
59. Today’s ListingsJournalExile
60. Weapons ManifestJournalExile

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  1. LAW

    This is a great list, but it would be fab if you could add a column showing if it’s Dominion/Exile/Both 🙂

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