Tragic Conclusion

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In the most northern part of Abandoned XAS Research Caves, next to an nonfunctional teleportation platform, just behind bunch of hostile mobs. Entrance to the Abandoned XAS Research Caves is just west from this datacube location marked at map. You can find DATACUBE ENTRY: Deadly Reaction at its start, Primal Drill Site Alpha.




DATACUBE ENTRY: Tragic Conclusion


Xarophet: Order of the Makers


I have little time. We were indeed successful in creating a stable matrix, but an unexpected power surge caused by volatile primal water resulted in a system overload. The cavern is being flooded with a toxic vapor, and hostile elemental life forms created in the reaction are now attacking my assistants. I am shutting the system down now.

Quick Facts

Faction: Dominion

Type: Datacube

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