WildStar Mounts Guide

wildstar mounts

Mounts or speeders are important feature in every game, and that is the main reason why Carbine team has put a lot of effort to make this form of transportation fan and unique. WildStar will provide mounts (speeders) in a form of creatures and vehicles, which can be categorized as ground and flying mounts. Some WildStar mounts will be introduced early in the game, through quests or like a temporary mounts, but, when you reach higher levels, there will be permanent mounts with different abilities. Since the cost of the first mount is 10 gold, our suggestion is to start saving your money on time.

How to use your mount?

Players can buy the first riding skill and mount at level 15 for approximately 10 golds from mount vendor. Once you buy the mount, you’ll find it in your inventory first, where you should use it. This action adds the mount to your mount list. Now you can choose it from mount customization window.

With new game UI, “Z” button has been assigned to help players use their mounts easier. By default it is placed in your bottom left corner. It is activated by keyboard button “Z”. There is a small arrow on this same button. You can use it to bring up a popup menu with list of all mounts you have in your possession. Mark one of them, and you can activate it by pressing “Z” button. Advanced riding skill is available at level 40, costs around 35 gold, and increases mounted speed by 15%.

Exile and Dominion Mount Vendor Locations

We compiled a comprehensive list of vendors with location screenshots where you can buy mounts and customization items. This list is still work in progress, thus, if you know any vendor location not listed in this guide please share it with us and WildStar community.

WildStar Mounts List

IconItem NameLevelDescriptionPreview
Grinder Mount15Shopkeeper Vic in Thayd
Price: 11 Gold
WildStar grinder mount
Equivar Mount15Shopkeeper Vic in Thayd
Price: 11 Gold
WildStar equivar mount
Trask Mount15Shopkeeper Vic in Thayd
Price: 11 Gold
WildStar trask mount
Uniblade Mount15Mount Vendor Velocitus in Illium
Price: 11 Gold
wildstar uniblade mount
Alien Velocirex Mount15UnknownAlien-Velocirex-Mount
Marauder Orbitron Mount15Mount Vendor – Velocitus in IlliumMarauder Orbitron Mount
Run-Down Uniblade Mount15UnknownRun-Down Uniblade Mount
Hot Rod Uniblade Mount15UnknownHot Rod Uniblade Mount
Luminous Equivar Mount15Boom BoxLuminous Equivar Mount
Warpig Mount15Mount Vendor – Velocitus – Illium
Price: 11 Gold
wildstar warpig mount
Woolie Mount15Shopkeeper Vic – ThaydWildStar woolie mount
Orbitron Mount15Mount Vendor Velocitus in Illium
Price: 11 Gold
WildStar orbitron mount
Savage Warpig Mount15Boom BoxSavage Warpig Mount
Dreg Trask Mount15UnknownDreg Trask Mount
War Woolie Mount15UnknownWar Woolie Mount
Rally Grinder Mount15UnknownRally Grinder Mount
Velocirex Mount15Mount Vendor Velocitus in Illium
Price: 11 Gold
WildStar velocirex mount
Spike Hoverboard Mount25Merchant Weeboo in Illium
Price: 10 Platinum
Spike Hoverboard Mount
The Beast Hoverboard Mount25Supply Officer Clyre in Thayd
Price: 3500 Prestige
The Beast Hoverboard Mount
Go-Go Hoverboard Mount25Merchant Beatrice in Thayd
Price 25 Gold
WildStar go go hoverboard
Hellion Hoverboard Mount25Supply Officer Phenoxia in IlliumHellion Hoverboard Mount
Bulldog Hoverboard Mount25Merchant Setsya in Thayd
Price 9/10 Platinum
Bulldog Hoverboard Mount
Vortex Hoverboard Mount25Sergeant Syrrus in Thyad
Renown Vendor Agent Tetch in Illium
Price: 30000 Renown
Vortex Hoverboard Mount
Rosie Hoverboard Mount25Renown Vendor Agent Tetch in Illium
Renown Vendor Sergeant Syrrus in Thayd
Price 5000 Renown
rosie hoverboard
Plasmatic Hyperboard25Deluxe Edition rewardPlasmatic Hyperboard
Flux Hoverboard25Shopkeeper Vic in Thayd
Price: 23 Gold
WildStar hoverboard
Manta Hoverboard Mount50Elder Gem Vendor Viktosak in Thayd
Elder Gem Vendor Gigax in Illium
Price 300 Elder Gems
WildStar manta hoverboard
Cyclone Hoverboard Mount50Elder Gem Vendor Viktosak in Thayd
Elder Gem Vendor Gigax in Illium
300 Elder Gem
Cyclone Hoverboard Mount
Strain Hoverboard Mount50Unknownstrain hoverboard


Mount customization

wildstar mount customization windowMounts bought from mount vendors can’t be customized, but, you can buy mounts and customization items from various vendors in the city – renown vendor, reputation vendor; along with modifications for hoverboards and other mounts. Mount price depends on reputation level you have achieved with your faction. The higher reputation level, the lower price will be.
Mount customization are items you can attach to your mount, and change its appearance. There are 4 spots on which you can attach customization items: Front, Rear, Left and Right Flair. After buying mount customization item you have to use it from your inventory and then tag it inside your mount customization window. Mounts customization window can be accessed from the Character Screen Window (by pressing key button “P”), under Mount tab.

Mount Tips

  • Mounts have sprint ability that makes them even faster.
  • Summoning mount takes around 1,5-2,0 seconds. If you move during this time, it gets canceled.
  • The only areas with known mount restrictions are PvP Battlegrounds and Arenas,and PVE instances.


we would like to thank Vharros , antimattern , Shoogli, SolidSp33d, for some great screenshots

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