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wildstar best addons
A few days ago I came across a great thread on reddit about WildStar must have addons. I decided to test some of them and they really changed my gameplay. In the list below you’ll find their descriptions, and links to download pages. I also added my notes about some of them. I didn’t post any observation about Quests and Leveling addons, because they are very similar, and it’s up to you which one will suite you best. I also created a guide how to install WildStar addons. If I missed any great addon, please let me know in the comments below.

Name CategoryDescriptionNotes
CommodityStats Auction and EconomyCommoditystats is a tool for tracking the price history of buy- and sell-orders on the Commodity Exchange, so that information can be used to your advantage.Very useful if you want to make some money on CE
MrFancyPants Bags, Bank and InventoryMrFancyPants allows you to create and save various sets of gear.Extremely helpful addon.
JunkIt Bags, Bank and InventoryHelps to repair and sell things when visiting a vendor. Automatically sell junk per configured settings. Sells Armor and Weapons items under the quality threshold.Great addon, since there is no sell all junk button in the game
SpaceStash Bags, Bank and Inventory Addon for inventory UI replacement, minimizing the frame and allowing you to scale the icon sizes per-window, as well as optionally auto-opening your inventory when doing various things such as banking and looking at vendors.
IconLoot Bags, Bank and InventoryBetter detailed icons for loot 
TrackMaster Boss Encounters

Gives accurate directions to quests and allows you to easily track nearest mailbox, current target, waypoint

Great for players when become disarmed in dungeon.
CollectAllCash Chat, Communication, and MailHelps you clean up your mailbox after selling many items on the auction house or commodities exchange.Must have if you sell many items on AH
GalaxyMeter CombatDPS meter – a comprehensive meter that will track all sources of damage, healing, interrupts, dispels and player deaths. 
GatherBuddy CraftingShows where nodes are and color codes themNot bad, especially because you can filter crafting skills
ThreatMeter Damage DealerThreat meter includes Threat Per Second, Different colors for player, group, player’s pets and non-group members. Audio and Visual warnings 
NavMate Map and MinimapAdd Datacubes, Journals and Path related markers to the your minimapGreat addon for Lore hunters
The Visitor MiscellaneousLets you easily find someone’s housing plot by character name instead of scrolling through the endless list of plots we have in game. 
AMP Finder MiscellaneousThe AMP Finder window points the way to the AMP vendors in a given zone, and how to unlock the AMP inlay, whether by quest reward, vendor purchase, or the Commodity Exchange. 
CustomFoV MiscellaneousYou can modify your field of view 
RareTracker MiscellaneousShows spawns of rare mobs in the areaRare mobs only appear when you get close to them, but with this addon you can be sure that you won’t miss them.
TapThat MiscellaneousThis addon automates all simon activities and “F” sequences. Even the Scientist puzzle games 
Ayth_Quest Quests and LevelingDraws lines with distances to nearby quest givers or quest targets 
LocalQuestTracker Quests and LevelingHides quests you are tracking that take place in other areas than your current zone. 
ZenRadarQuests and LevelingThis application will show a pop-up with all the nearest unread journals and datacubes in your vicinity. It also works for resource nodes depending on how you configure it. 
ClassicQuestDialog Quests and LevelingAll of the quest dialog/ flavor text displayed in one window. 
InstantQuestAccept Quests and LevelingAuto accept and complete any quest, skipping all NPC dialog. If there is a quest reward to choose, pauses the auto turn in to let the player pick their reward. 
NewtonScientistKeeps your Scanbot spawned and ready 
BijiPlates Unit FramesBijiPlates is a nameplate replacement add-on that shows separated health and shield bars instead of the default in-line style. Display settings for different unit types (neutral, friendly, friendly player, hostile, hostile player). Color settings for names and bars. Info text hp, sp, lvl, interupt armor.
Important note: memory leak bug
Grid Unit FramesGrid is a set of compact unit frames for dungeons/raids. It is primarily targeted at healers, but other classes may also want to use it as an indicator of how well their raid group is doing.As a healer, this addon was very useful to me in dungeons.
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2 thoughts on “Best WildStar Addons

  1. Therska@Avatus

    A pretty good list; some are pretty opinion-based, but if you like that sort of thing (ClassicQuestDialog, InstantQuestAccept) then they seem pretty good. I’ve got a few favorites, too:

    DotPlates is a minimalist Nameplates replacement, with little/no text and health/shield/casting information displayed in an easy-to-read circular layout.

    HarvestPlates is a really useful gathering addon that adds in-world labels to harvest nodes (only ones you can harvest by default) for quick location and identification.

    AnotherSCT allows you to customize floating damage text (if you also like that sort of thing), enlarging crits and changing fonts and a whole lot more (requires ColorPicker)

    Newton (for Scientists) keeps your Scanbot spawned and ready, if you’re bugged by how often it disappears.

    SpaceStash is a pretty awesome inventory UI replacement I found just yesterday, minimizing the frame and allowing you to scale the icon sizes per-window, as well as optionally auto-opening your inventory when doing various things such as banking and looking at vendors.

    Finally, The Visitor lets you easily find someone’s housing plot by character name instead of scrolling through that endless list of plots we have now.´╗┐

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