Wilderrun Datacubes, Journals and Tales Locations


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List of collectibles

Name Type Map Faction
1. A Citizen’s Petition Journal Dominion
2. A Perfect Strike Tales from Beyond the Fringe
3. An Explorer’s Guide to Pumera Bites Journal Exile
4. DATACUBE ENTRY: Devotional Trait Datacube
5. DATACUBE ENTRY: Difficult Choice Datacube
6. DATACUBE ENTRY: Elemental Anomaly Datacube
7. DATACUBE ENTRY: Forbidden Knowledge Datacube
8. DATACUBE ENTRY: Genesis Prime Datacube
9. DATACUBE ENTRY: Hybrid Material Datacube
10. DATACUBE ENTRY: Liquid Immortality Datacube
11. DATACUBE ENTRY: Living Manifestation Datacube
12. DATACUBE ENTRY: Luminai Completion Datacube
13. DATACUBE ENTRY: Magnificent Transformation Datacube
14. DATACUBE ENTRY: Peculiar Fascination Datacube
15. DATACUBE ENTRY: Severe Measures Datacube
16. DATACUBE ENTRY: Unexpected Longevity Datacube
17. DATACUBE ENTRY: Unintended Results Datacube
18. DATACUBE ENTRY: Vital Ascendancy Datacube
19. Forgemaster Statue Analysis Journal
20. How I Did It by Victor Lazarin (Introduction) Journal Exile
21. Meditation and the Art of Hoverbike Maintenance Journal
22. Memories of Cassus Journal
23. Researcher Anton’s Field Journal Journal
24. Royal Domain Decree Journal Dominion
25. Spiders of Nexus Journal
26. The Emissary’s Creed Journal
27. The Exalted Wilderrun: Myth and Legend Journal Exile
28. The Maiden’s Tale Tales from Beyond the Fringe
29. The Pumera Gambit Journal
30. The Yatish Fan Club Oath Journal
31. The Zax Abides Journal Dominion
32. To Serve Snoglug Journal Exile
33. Torine Battle Log Journal

5 thoughts on “Wilderrun Datacubes, Journals and Tales Locations

  1. Voxella

    Missing a Datacube Entry: Living Manifestation at 912, -4142 in Vitara’s Refuge. When you come down the stairs into where the Big Tree has been corrupted, the Datacube is straight ahead on top of a big corrupted root

    1. XenDrgn

      This tree is at the very top of the stairs. Also, on the way back down the stairs, just past where the strain stops covering -everything- there is an outcropping of rock overlooking the descending stairs. This has Datacube Entry: Difficult Choice.

      The last one is in Sister’s Watch. Center small circle area atop the shrine.

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