The Zax Abides

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On a talbe, in front of Mondo Zax, Rotwood Collective area.




The Zax Abides


[This appears to be an excerpt from an unauthorized, quite complementary, and questionably factual biography of Mondo Zax.]

by Naxod Moz, biographer

CHAPTER 4: Rise of the Zax
Time had come for the Zax to make his move. Many enemies had gone by the wayside. Many more to go. But now the path to power had never been clearer. All that was left was to get rid of the obstacles.

What’s this? Surprise! Next day, seven members of
Royal Collegium leadership go missing. Bad time to plan vacation trip to Mikros. Worse time to land on Mikros. Super-duper WORST time to visit Mikros, land there, and walk off of privately owned ship wearing no identification marking you as important Dominion officials. Draken take Days of Rage very very seriously. See offworlders land in middle of big bloody festival? Time to kill! Too bad leaders of Collegium got dates and mixed up. Too bad leaders of Collegium don’t check
their own stupid data. Too bad leaders of Collegium rely too much on bots and computers to do thinking. TOO BAD FOR THEM!

At least, that is very popular theory. Pieces of Collegium leaders never actually found.

The Zax abides.

Uh-oh! Big big power vacuum at top of Collegium. Time for the Zax to move in. Yes?


Turns out stupid Royal Collegium have big “meritocracy” system. Seven leaders gone? Seven more swoop in to take their place! Stupid Collegium.
The Zax was right there. Ready to lead the Collegium to glory! Also, explosions! More explosions than stupid Collegium leaders can even count! But so what? No big deal.

The Zax abides.

Seven new leaders of Collegium take precautions. Guards. Poison-sniffer bots. Canceled vacation plans. New Collegium leaders think they are so smart! But not smarter than the Zax. The Zax needs no Collegium. The Zax just needs the Zax! And a small weapons research division
that can grow to rival Collegium in power, but with weapons instead of stupid generic science with no weapons. A Dominion Research and Experimentation Division.

Collegium want to waste time with science of what? Food? History? Plants? DRED wastes no time! If it not kill, or explode, or turn enemy inside-out and ooey-gooey, DRED no want it!

So let leaders of Collegium have their way. Let leaders of Collegium smile and dilly
and dally and do nothing useful. The Zax and DRED will lead the way!

And the Zax abides.

Quick Facts

Faction: Dominion

Type: Journal