WildStar Settler Path

WildStar Settler
The Settler path involves more player interaction than any of the other paths. If you like to socialize with others then this is right path for you.
Settlers focus a lot on repairing and restoring things around the Nexus world. Most of the towns in the game require maintaining, and that’s where the Settlers come in handy. They can also build things in towns like buff stations, vendors, and much more that can be used by other players like Speeders!

Settlers also can build whole new posts around world that can help other players during their time in that area, while at the same time helping yourself. Let’s look at an example. Let’s say you deploy a picnic that grants anyone who uses it a +5 strength buff. For everyone who discovers your picnic and interacts with it you will receive a +2 strength buff. So not only are you helping out other players, but in doing so you are powering yourself up. Or let’s say you find a broken Resurrection Station. Fixing it will help not only you, but other members of your faction in the same area.

As you progress along this path you will end up needing more Settlers in order to build bigger, better stuff, which will in turn all you to reap a larger reward.

Settler and the Housing

Everyone in the game can build a house, but nobody can get the job done quite like a Settler. Throughout the game you will come across FabKits, often during quests and occasionally as a random drop. Players will use these FabKits to add to, and upgrade, their home. For example, a décor FabKit will let you unlock some new furniture, while an upgrade FabKit will let you improve your home’s amenities (such as your garden).
All paths will receive FabKits throughout the game, but Settlers will find them much more often than anyone else. You can expect Settlers to be ahead of the curve when it comes to home design.

WildStar Settler Path Missions

There are several type of missions for settlers path
WildStar ExpansionEXPANSION:
That town ain’t going to improve itself. So step up, strap on a toolbelt, and get to work building things that make everyone’s life a little easier.
WildStar Civil DefenseCIVIL DEFENSE:
Town guards can handle the small stuff. But when the biggest, meanest monsters on Nexus come a-knockin’, you’ll step up and save the day!
WildStar Supply CacheSUPPLY CACHE:
Who has time to sit around and wait for vital supplies to show up on a platter? Put on those boots and bring home the bacon!
WildStar InfrastructureINFRASTRUCTURE:
Are you ready for some serious real estate development? Then do your civic duty and build hospitals, taverns, and spaceports for your friends and allies.
WildStar Public ServicePUBLIC SERVICE:
Some people just don’t have the grit and backbone to get the job done. Good thing you do. Achieve tasks for the greater good, and get rewarded for it.

Settler Path Rewards

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