Wildstar Life updated to 6760

Several days ago the first major content update for Wildstar has been made available to players. Affectionately called the Strain update it updates the game build to We have two new zones to play with and earn Elder Gems in. Enormous amount of fixes and adjustments have been made as well and you can read about it all in the patch notes we posted a few days ago.

What we wanted you to know is that we updated Wildstar Life with information from the latest Live client build. Our Wildstar item database now has new items from this patch (166 items have been added in comparison to older client build and an unknown number has been updated). Fact is that many items needed for the Strain update have been present in previous client builds so there was no need to add an enormous number of items when the patch dropped, but all of that data has been polished for the launch of this update. There are new housing decor items and costumes available, but we’ll discuss those in another article.

New quests have been added due to new zones being introduced. You can now see all quests available in the new zone Blighthaven, and we added screenshot walkthroughs for most of them. Same goes for Northern Wastes and its quests.

Last, but not least, we have updated our Action Set Builder with the latest patch data. Both amp and skill tooltips have been updated. We did not disable old builds this time, so they are all still available, but you might want to update them due to some of the balance changes.

Datacube, Journal and Tale maps didn’t need an update because most of the data was already present previously. You should check out our Blighthaven Datacubes, Journals and Tales Locations page, which contains a map and screenshot guides for locations of all collectibles in the new Blighthaven zone.

We hope you enjoy the new content introduced with this patch and that our guides and maps will help you along the way.


Updated Lore Maps and Skill Calculator

Ever since Wildstar launched we have been adding content to Wildstar Life and we tried improving already existing interfaces. I wanted to let you know about a few bigger changes that we made recently.

amp-updateWe finally updated our Wildstar Skill calculator with AMPs! This means that you can now pick your AMP distribution along with your skill distribution to get a proper Wildstar build and share it with the world. Remember that all data in tooltips is based on base values for Assault and Support power being 300 (this means that it will most likely differ from what you see in game because your character has different assault/support power values). We’ve also added some overall improvements to the skill calculator so you can see the builds people voted for the most for your class and we’ve added prerequisites you need to meet in order for that build to be viable. There is more work to be done, but we wanted to include our AMP update asap and we’ll focus on other features in the coming days.

Second update is more of a bug fix. Our Lore map database with map locations of all Datacubes, Journals and Tales had several bugs that plagued it. Our factions were all messed up and some maps had a problem because they showed the wrong map. We have now fixed these problems and we’ve included multiple maps per zone if that zone has major sub-zones (Farside is the prime example of this).

We’ve added hundreds of new screenshots and locations for path missions and Datacubes/Journals/Tales and we are constantly tweaking quests and item databases. We hope all these improvements will make Wildstar Life a more enjoyable experience for all of you Nexus adventurers out there.


We are ready for Launch … to Nexus


Aion: Tower of Eternity was the first MMROPG database we made on MMORPG Life. Almost five years passed since then and both us as people and MMORPG Life as project have changed significantly. We are now only a few minutes away before everyone will be able to enjoy Wildstar and start exploring Nexus and I can’t help but wonder how come I am yet again excited to be playing a new MMO.

I’ve played many MMOs in the meantime, and some I was very passionate about. Unfortunately, most of them failed me entirely (as a gamer) or were thoroughly disappointing. Whether it was that my expectations were high, or the companies that were making those games had the wrong thing on their minds or, in some cases, companies just didn’t know how to make good games – I just don’t know. What I know for sure is that I started losing faith that I will ever again be excited about a game launch.

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WildStar Settler Path

WildStar Settler
The Settler path involves more player interaction than any of the other paths. If you like to socialize with others then this is right path for you.
Settlers focus a lot on repairing and restoring things around the Nexus world. Most of the towns in the game require maintaining, and that’s where the Settlers come in handy. They can also build things in towns like buff stations, vendors, and much more that can be used by other players like Speeders!

Settlers also can build whole new posts around world that can help other players during their time in that area, while at the same time helping yourself. Let’s look at an example. Let’s say you deploy a picnic that grants anyone who uses it a +5 strength buff. For everyone who discovers your picnic and interacts with it you will receive a +2 strength buff. So not only are you helping out other players, but in doing so you are powering yourself up. Or let’s say you find a broken Resurrection Station. Fixing it will help not only you, but other members of your faction in the same area.
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WildStar Uplink: Talking About Player Housing

There are lots of things for gamers to be excited about when it comes to WildStar. The idea of a completely new IP is always exiting, especially considering the humor and unique combat options the development team is putting into the game. But there is one aspect about the game that players have been discussing with a lot of anticipation; player houses.

In this week’s WildStar Uplink players were encouraged to contact the community team on twitter and just talk about what they want from player housing. What are they excited about? What do they play to use their house for? What kind of features did they want to see included in the player housing aspect of the game? Well the fans wasted no time in answering these questions and more, and the WildStar team was thoughtful enough to talk about the whole thing on the official WildStar site.

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WildStar Wednesday: Talking About UI Add-Ons

In this week’s WildStar Wednesday Jon “Bitwise” Wiseman talked about some of the amazing projects the WildStar team has seen grow out of their add-on development tool. This tool, which will be included for free along with every copy of the game, allows players to make custom add-ons to incorporate into their WildStar experience.

The big focus this week was on some amazing UI add-ons created by the WildStar community, particularly those developed by a user going by the name PacketDancer. She has taken a lead role in both developing some of the more interesting add-ons, but organizing fellow creators on the forums as well.

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Game Jamming With the WildStar Team

Have you ever wonder what goes on inside the minds of the team over at Carbine Studios? Well it turns out that on certain special weekends the whole team puts aside their regular work and and get’s together for a little thing they like to call a Game Jam.

But what is a Game Jam you ask? Well the team member will set aside their regular work and, for 8 hours, just focus on creating something cool and exciting for WildStar. They get to put their skills to the test and try to design something really cool, something they may not get to work on otherwise, in a limited time frame. It sounds like a fun and challenging way to test out new ideas, and hopefully at the end there are some cool new things for players to enjoy.

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