Logging Error Codes, Tech Issues and Solutions

This list consists of descriptions and solutions for WildStar error codes you might encounter while jumping into Nexus world. Most of the problems can be resolved by disabling your firewall, running the WildStar as an Admin or updating computer drivers. The list will be updated regularly as new information are added.

Access violation writing location 0x00000000 error

The issue seems to be caused by bad graphics card drivers, the first thing you can do is re-install or update your own graphics card drivers.

AMD autodetect: http://support.amd.com/us/gpudownload/windows/Pages/auto_detect.aspx
Nvidia Autodetect: http://www.geforce.com/drivers (Click “Auto-Detect your GPU”)
Intel Autodetect: http://www.intel.com/p/en_US/support/detect?iid=dc_iduu

Failed to Connect to Patch Server

If you’re receiving the “Failed to connect to patch server” error, it means that your firewall or security applications may be blocking your ability to connect to the WildStar servers. We recommend disabling your firewall first and seeing if this fixes the issue.

Make sure you’re running the game as an Administrator on your computer. Simply right-click WildStar.exe or your WildStar shortcut and select “Run as Admin.”

If you’re still seeing the issue add the following wildstar patcher URL lines to hosts file: wildstar.patcher.ncsoft.com.cdngc.net wildstar.patcher.ncsoft.com

If you don’t know how to find hosts file directory location, you can type the following address into File Explorer: %WINDIR%\system32\drivers\etc

  • Right click hosts file and open it with notebook
  • Add two lines above and save

Patch Failed

If you’re seeing the “Patch Failed” error message, this is usually do to a lack of permissions or a conflicting background application such as security software.

Installation stuck at 0% or Download failed

If your installation is stuck at 0% or you are receiving a download failed message, probably your firewall or security applications are blocking your ability to connect to the WildStar servers. You can try to disable your firewall, and if the problem persists, run the WildStar as an Administrator on your computer.

Cannot connect to NCSOFT login services

You may be having an issue with a locked port. WildStar requires TCP ports 23115 and 24000-24999 be fully unrestricted and accessible, both inbound and outbound, and port 6600 outbound. Also, make sure you are using your full email address as your ‘username’ when logging in.

No realms are available at this time

It is possible that realms are down for maintenance.

Login Errors

Login Error 0 means that you have encountered a code execution error in our authentication server.
Login Error 2 means that there was an error while attempting to access game account information.
Login Error 3 means that you have encountered a code execution error in our authentication server. Specifically, this means that the client you are using is from one region (like the US), and you are trying to log into another region (like the EU). Make sure your region is set correctly, and that should resolve the issue.
Login Error 4 occurs when your account is already logged in to the game in another location. Make sure you are logged out of both locations and try again.
Login Error 5 means that there was an error when attempting to connect to our authentication server.
Login Error 6, 7, and 9 all mean that you have encountered a code execution error in our authentication server. (They mean different things to our networking teams, so they can hopefully find the issue more quickly)
Login Error 8 (plus more numbers!) means that there was a problem when attempting to authenticate your account. Please screenshot or write down those extra error numbers and send them along if you submit a ticket regarding this error.
Login Error 10 means that your client is having trouble connecting to NCSOFT login services. Specifically, this is a socket connection issue.
Login Error 11 means that there was a problem when attempting to authenticate your account.
Login Error 12 and 13 both mean that the system encountered a timeout when attempting to authenticate your account. (There are 2 different ones, because the timeout could have occurred in different places)
Login Error 14 means that while you do have an NC Account, you don’t have a valid WildStar game account connected to it. It could also mean that you’re somehow connecting to the wrong WildStar servers.
Login Error 15 means that there was a networking error when attempting to authenticate your account. Our authentication server detected a change in your IP address, and denied you entry because of a potential ‘man in the middle’ hacking attempt. If you believe this is incorrect, you may need to get in touch with your ISP to make sure that your network communications are being properly routed.

16 thoughts on “Logging Error Codes, Tech Issues and Solutions

  1. Jasper Lemmens


    I have been having trouble with the Access violation writing location 0×00000000 error, and have tried several solutions listed here and elsewhere on the internet, but the error still pops up, and i can’t play the game.


  2. Djej

    Very funny that in so much time you didn’t resolve those problems, doesn’t seem to bother you that people who pays 13 dollars per month can’t connect just because of ridiculous authenticator bugs..
    When will you do something ?

  3. Travis

    Cannot connect to NCSOFT login services, we tried everything listed to the letter, still nothing, is there anything else that could be blocking it or that we could do?

  4. Carson Tyler

    This is unbelievable I can get into once a day IF I’M LUCKY! I understand Wildstar is a new game but you guys are always saying that this is the community’s problem and pushing everyone. I have been referred to the SAME PAGE EVERY TIME! and still nothing. I won’t unsubscribe but it will be in the back of my mind so I can remember to do so if you guys don’t fix these problems

  5. Lawrence

    When trying to login in to any of my characters I simply get the message; “Could not login character. We dropped the cryo pod. Sorry about that.” I’ve been reattempting and searching for a solution for a while now. Some help would be appreciated.

  6. Kyle

    Bought this game yesterday for 70 bucks. Nothing but problems right off from the start. Put disc in and program will not load at all.(have Alienware laptop!) Followed all instruction and guides yet game will still not run!!! Big fail if you ask me! Never had such problems with a game in all my days!

  7. gregory melton

    I am having trouble with multiple errors when logging in . sometimes i make it to where i pick my guy and other times i cant make it past logging. i have a new internet provider so i thought it may be my new IP, tryed to log into website and it said i need a verification code so i checked my e-mail for it (aol mail) and no email came.checked spam folder FYI. tryed getting new password sent to email nothing again. please resolve ASAP, your paying customer Greg.

  8. Steine

    NP login error 4. Fuck off. I’ve waited hours to get into the game, and you kick me out for being AFK IN THE CHARACTER CREATION MENU. And now you won’t even let me rejoin the queue? Fuck you.

    1. Steko

      Same problems no idea why this error or some conection proble pls fix that game and this shits its stupid !!!

  9. kosta

    Oh my God you cant make a game without problems furs i create character but crash then i try to relog and np login error.Ncsoft fuck you.This free to play cant be played.

    1. Steko

      Think too many ppl have same problem first i was 1200 in i leave the game and go to work now come back and some crpy pach and after that trying to log and np error 4 or unable to conect shits GG Nc Soft EPIC FAILL !!! Keep it like that !

  10. Steko

    Now is network error hahahha omg and i just played Heroes of the storm so my network is OK Perfect nope im not mad Fix that crpa ffs

  11. Edward

    After i create a character it takes a long time to get any further. Is this normal? If not then how can i fix it?

  12. xTomLox

    I keep getting a message saying “ncsoft login service start timeout”. I’ve searched it up everywhere but I can’t seem to find anything that works which sucks since I was REALLY looking forward to playing Wildstar.

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