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Bio-Dome 3
Bio-Dome 4
Derilect Silo
Alpha Complex
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List of collectibles

Name Type Map Found in
Sub Zone
1. A Hundred Hues of Jade Journal Bio-Dome 3
2. Big Graw & Me Journal Bio-Dome 3
3. Care and Feeding of Allegedly Domesticated Hookfoots Journal
4. Cortex Analysis: Inferior Species Journal
5. DATACUBE ENTRY: Benevolent Guardian Datacube Bio-Dome 3 Exile
6. DATACUBE ENTRY: Cerebral Enhancement Datacube Bio-Dome 3
7. DATACUBE ENTRY: Cerebral Enhancement Datacube Dominion
8. DATACUBE ENTRY: Combustible Creation Datacube Bio-Dome 4 Exile
9. DATACUBE ENTRY: Combustible Creation Datacube Dominion
10. DATACUBE ENTRY: Deadly Elegance Datacube
11. DATACUBE ENTRY: Diabolical Creation Datacube Derilect Silo
12. DATACUBE ENTRY: Geologic Malfunction Datacube Bio-Dome 4 Exile
13. DATACUBE ENTRY: Impact Concerns Datacube
14. DATACUBE ENTRY: Manifested Mass Datacube Bio-Dome 3
15. DATACUBE ENTRY: Phase Initiation Datacube Bio-Dome 4
16. DATACUBE ENTRY: Plasmic Equalizer Datacube
17. DATACUBE ENTRY: Problematic Prototype Datacube Bio-Dome 4 Exile
18. DATACUBE ENTRY: Problematic Prototype Datacube Dominion
19. DATACUBE ENTRY: Protective System Datacube
20. DATACUBE ENTRY: Religious Sacrifice Datacube Bio-Dome 3 Dominion
21. DATACUBE ENTRY: Stunted Intelligence Datacube
22. DATACUBE ENTRY: Unacceptable Loss Datacube Derilect Silo
23. DATACUBE ENTRY: Unforgivable Alteration Datacube Bio-Dome 3
24. DATACUBE ENTRY: Volcanic Punishment Datacube Bio-Dome 4 Dominion
25. Deployment Orders: Operation Moonshot Journal
26. Dorian Walker’s Log: The Alpha Complex Journal Alpha Complex
27. Ekose Cargo Manifest Journal
28. Explorer Wanderbeck’s Last Log Journal Bio-Dome 4
29. Flamewalker High Priest Diaries Journal Bio-Dome 4
30. Fragmentation Tales from Beyond the Fringe Bio-Dome 4,
Bio-Dome 3
31. I Was a Teenage Skeech! Journal Bio-Dome 3
32. Interacting with the Caretaker: A Beginner’s FAQ Journal Bio-Dome 4
33. Into the Light Tales from Beyond the Fringe Derilect Silo
34. Medical Inventory (Experimental) Journal
35. Owner’s Manual: Longhaul-Class Freighter Journal
36. Skeech Notes Journal Bio-Dome 3
37. Terraformer Analysis Journal Bio-Dome 4
38. THREAT ASSESSMENT: Flamewalker Pell Journal Bio-Dome 4

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