Explorer Wanderbeck’s Last Log

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On top of a tall rock plateau, beside plate with a fire, Flamewalker Hold. In order to climb this high, follow the wooden path at the bottom.


Bio-Dome 4

Bio-Dome 4

Explorer Wanderbeck’s Last Log


Well, this wasn’t part’a the plan. I was just aimin’ to make a quick bit of coin scoutin’ this blasted moon. Didn’t know I was gonna tangle with them Pell bastards. After I spent weeks spyin’ out all their business, writin’ up a report, sellin’ it to the highest bidder, what happens? They decide to notice me and the Wanderin’ Betty just as we’re liftin’ off from the floor of the damned desert. They hit my poor Betty with a wave of fire and raw power her
defense systems just couldn’t absorb in time. The spindrive overloaded and I had to eject.

Damn ship was almost paid for, too. So long, Betty. I don’t reckon I’m gonna get the chance to trick ya out with them fancy gravity manipulators, and them long-range military-grade scanners I picked up on the black market are gonna have to go uninstalled. You were a good ship, ol’ girl. Just wish ya handled the blazin’ heat of a thousand angry suns just a
bit better.

Managed to keep my grip on a half-charged antigrav belt when the convertors blew, and hit the escape lever just before the ‘drive went critical. I dropped like a rock, or I probably wouldn’t even be recordin’ this right now.

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