Adventures in detail

wildstar adventures

Adventures can be defined as an easy dungeon mode, similar to Wow’s scenarios, but with a numerous choices. Unlike dungeons, while playing Adventures, players should focus more on strategic elements: making a right decision and choosing the best path.

  1. Adventures are made for a 5 man group. You can however join with smaller group and still complete them, but winning gold or silver medals are going to be less possible.
  2. At launch, there will be 6 Adventures in total, and four of those will have veteran modes for end game characters. Riot in the Void and The Hycrest Insurrection are Faction based. Because of that, playing one race will let you experience 5 adventures in total.
  3. The first adventure comes at level 15, and the last one at level 45. There is also a veteran level difficulty for adventures. You can start with veteran content at level 50.
  4. Adventures have various amounts of scenarios, from where you can choose your run through adventure. Various adventures give various tasks.
  5. Before you can queue for an Adventure through LFG system or directly with your group, you have to discover the entrance (Sim Core). Tip: In order to find adventure entrance, open up global map. Their locations are marked with a purple dots. When you mouseover, you can see their name.
  6. When you reach the adventure level, you get call via communicator. Accepting this call and a quest “Sim Core”, will lead you toward the adventure entrance. At the end of the quest, you will have to defeat a couple of very strong mobs.
  7. Once you obtain access to any adventure, you can enter it as many times as you wish.
  8. If your character is higher level, your stats and level will be decreased to the level of adventure.
  9. Inside any adventure you’ll obtain missions that must be completed. Completing each task in timely manner, rewards you with medals at the end of the adventure. These medals give additional and better loot.
  10. Time to complete one adventure is between 20 and 60 minutes.
  11. Potential rewards for completing adventures are: Renown (resource for participating in group content), gear, storage bags, experience (leveling experience and elders game experience), achievements, elder points, various loot like: tradeskill recipes, house decor items and etc.
  12. Loot rewards are in inverse proportional to the time invested in finishing tasks. The faster you complete your tasks, the better rewards will be acquired. Your choices will affect potential loot, thus choosing the same route rewards with the same rewards.
  13. Creating more complicated adventure on veteran level is not achieved by simply increasing amount of HP and creatures’ damage output, but rather introducing new mechanics. For example bosses get new abilities, you get less time to complete tasks and etc.
  14. All adventures except The War of the Wilds require tank, healer, dps. War of the Wilds is MOBA style adventure.
  15. You will not find (or at least we haven’t found) Lorebooks, Datacubes and Tales inside adventures.

List of WildStar Adventures

Adventure NameRaceLvLEntrance LocationType of Adventure
Riot in the VoidDominion15Auroria, east of IliumChoose Your Own Adventure Story
The Hycrest InsurrectionExile15Galeras, east of ThaydChoose Your Own Adventure Story
War of the WildsExile and Dominion25Whitevale, North of Wigwalli VillageMOBA Style
The Siege of Tempest RefugeExile and Dominion30Whitevale, In the middle of Calmwater Lake, near Protostar campTower Defense /
Crimelords of WhitevaleExile and Dominion40Wilderrun, west of Devastation Ride, northernmost 
The Malgrave TrailExile and Dominion45South border of Southern Grimvault 


The first two adventures Riot in the Void and The Hycrest Insurrection distinct from others by their ability to let players vote for one of the given scenarios, several times during the adventure. After voting for one of the offered scenarios, you should complete your tasks as soon as possible, if you want your gold medal. Fact that there are a lot of sniper enemies spread among these maps makes it unique. In general, you should avoid as many unnecessary fights as you can.

War of the Wilds is described as MOBA style of adventure. Battle for territorial dominance against the five toughest champions in the universe! This adventure also introduces capturing various points / flags throughout the adventure. While this various tasks are efficiently done by splitting up the group, you can also defeat a couple of strong neutral creatures, but with the whole group. This is the most popular adventure.

The Siege of Tempest Refuge is tower defense adventure. Within this adventure you are supposed to defend your post versus incoming waves of enemies from different directions. There are 10 different groups and in each wave you’ll be facing five of them, in different order. This is one way of tower defense. The other way is using NPCs available at the start of adventure in your favor. Positioning them correctly on different spots, you can use their help during defense. These NPCs level up and get stronger during the adventure, thus, try to keep them alive.