Wildstar Paths General Information

What are Wildstar paths? Should I bother with any of it? Will I get some cool rewards in the Path quests? In this post we will answer those questions so you can have a head start once WildStar goes live.
One great aspect of the path system is that it shows, once again, that the developers at Carbine Studios are doing everything they can to inject a “soul” into the game, something that so many MMOs seem to be lacking lately.
Paths are a cool new feature that will give you a hours, days, even weeks of fun to keep you entertained. How is it able to do that you ask? Well with four different paths full of unique quests there are plenty of different options for players to enjoy.


WildStar Paths

  • Explorer
    If the idea of trekking through hidden caves, reaching the highest mountain peaks, and trying to find hidden treasures gets you excited then you’re just right for the Explorer path.
  • Settler
    On the other hand if helping other players by building buff dispensers or even whole settlements then the Settler is right up your alley.
  • Soldier
    Do you love to pulverize your enemies and defend your allies against dangerous, creepy enemies? Then the Soldier path is for you.
  • Scientist
    If you’re a lore nut and want to know anything and everything about Nexus then, congratulations, you can take on the role of a Scientist.

Each of path quests have nice rewards at the end, often they will be some cool items or even skills that will improve your character.
Worried about not being able to team up with that Guild mate on his Soldier mission while you are a Scientist? Don’t be, during your play you can synergize with other players and their paths. In fact, if you lending other players a helping hand with their path quests you will find yourself reaping the same benefits they do..
It’s important to note that Path missions are completely optional, skipping over them will not detract from the main story in any way. But if you decide to pass them up you will be missing out on a bunch of unique rewards that can only be obtained by doing Path quests, so our recommendation is to at least give them a shot. Chances are you will not be disappointed.