WildStar Soldier Path

WildStar Soldier Path
The Soldier path is all about two things, power and destruction. Soldiers main goal is to protect and serve their allies and destroy their enemies. Since Nexus is a newly settled planet it is full of dangerous places with scary monsters and creatures that stand in way of good development, for both the Exiles and the Dominion. Soldiers do what they can to make these places safe, ensuring that their respective faction can develop the area properly.

There are several types of missions for Soldiers. Swat missions have Soldiers using special weapons and tactics to accomplish specific goals. For example, Soldiers may find themselves using special grenades to clear pests in underground tunnels, or big “tesla coils” to clear them on surface. There are also protect and capture missions where you need to fight waves of enemies to complete a specific goal. In many ways Soldiers serve as the peacekeepers of Nexus.

WildStar Soldier missions

WildStar AssasinationASSASSINATION:
Ever dreamed of being a hit man? Channel your inner assassin as you track down targets, put them in your sights, and rack up the body counts!
WildStar Demolition DEMOLITION:
Most problems can be solved with the right amount of explosives. Blow stuff up using bombs, grenades and other weapons of mass destruction. BOOM!
WildStar RescueRESCUE OP:
Listen up, Soldier! We have civilians that have been taken hostage by the enemy, and we need you to get ’em out of there! Are we clear? Get moving!
WildStar SwatSWAT:
SWAT: Special Weapons And Tactics. Know what it really means? Shiny new toys! Test advanced military hardware on your foes. Mercy? Not part of the equation.
WildStar Holdout Conquer HOLDOUT – CONQUER:
Are you ready to lock, load, and start taking care of business? Defend your territory against waves of hostile enemies. No guts, no glory!
WildStar Holdout SecurityHOLDOUT – SECURITY:
No one likes a thief. That’s where you come in. Defend your loot against dirty underhanded criminals, and crack some skulls with the hammer of justice!
WildStar Holdout First StrikeHOLDOUT – FIRST STRIKE:
Hit ’em hard, and hit ’em fast! Strike your targets and destroy them before they call in reinforcements, then bask in the glow of your badassitude!
WildStar Holdout ProtectHOLDOUT – PROTECT:
Being a hero ain’t easy… but it’s time to step up. Defend allies against incoming waves of hostiles, ensuring they survive another day!

WildStar Soldier Path Rewards

Progressing down the Soldier path will reward players with Titles, Items, FabKits, and unique Abilities.

2Battle Rage Tier 1
3Item: Rucksack
3Title: “Recruit”
4Item: 10x Sandwich – Tier 2
5Item: Soldier’s Patrol cap
5Ability: Clear the Lines Tier 1
6Title: “Trooper”
7Item: Path Housing Reward
8Item: Path Themed Vanity Item
9Item: Soldier’s Dress Uniform
10Item: Path Mount Reward
10Ability: Summon Reinforcements Tier 1
10Title: “Corporal”
10Item: Path Housing Reward
10Item: Path Themed Vanity Item
14Ability:  Battle Rage Tier 2
15Title: “Sergeant”
18Ability: Clear the Lines Tier 2
20Title: “Captain”
23Ability: Summon Reinforcements Tier 2
25Title: “Major”
27Ability: Battle Rage Tier 3
29Ability: Clear the Lines Tier 3
30Ability: Summon Reinforcements Tier 3
30 Title: “Colonel”