WildStar Engineer Class

wildstar engineer
Hard working class of WildStar! They dedicated their lives to making life better for everyone and got very little in return, still no one thought much about Engineers. However, all that changed with the innovation of indestructible Exo-Suits, clever and improved Bots and powerful missile launchers.

With such equipment Engineers are capable of both causing mayhem, and enduring enemy’s heavy hits, transforming them into hardened soldiers. They can act as DPS with medium or long range attacks, or plowing through enemies as Tank.
Impressive selection of gadgets is what makes Engineers interesting. Besides customizable missile launchers, Bots will be important for attacks because they can be used for tanking, DPS, CC, and to top it off, Bots can also be used for healing. It would be better not to mention fantastic Exo-Suit which amplifies Engineers abilities or defense, but having it in mind, it is clear that everything mentioned makes this WildStar class more than just an equal with other classes on the battlefield.

Engineer Available Races

wildstar humanHumanwildstar mechariMechari
wildstar granokGranokwildstar cassianCassian
wildstar mordeshMordeshwildstar chuaChua


Engineer Statistics

  • Role: DPS, Tank
  • Equipment: Launcher, Bots
  • Armor Weight: Heavy Armor
  • Ability Resources: Volatility
  • Primary Attributes: Artillery Bot (DPS), Target Acquisition (DPS), Bruiser Bot (Tank), Unsteady Miasma (Tank)


WildStar Engineer Combat Mechanics

Engineer, unlike any other WildStar Class, is using Volatility as the main ability resource. Volatility is depleted by casting special abilities and it’s regenerated only with the use of Launcher.

Engineer Assault Abilities
Pulse BlastPulse BlastDeal 288 | 239 | 193 physical damage to 5 foes and generate 20 Volatility.

Foes down the middle of the blast take more damage.

ElectrocuteElectrocuteDeal 174 technology damage every 0.5s to 5 foes.
Quick BurstQuick BurstDeal 405 technology damage to 5 foes.

Usable after landing a Critical Hit.

Artillery BotArtillery BotCreate an Artillery Bot that deals 47 physical damage every 2.0s to 1 foe. While active, you gain access to Barrage.

[Bot Ability] Barrage: Deal 165 physical damage every 0.5s for 3s to 10 foes within a 7m targeting field.

Two bots can be active at one time.

Energy AugerEnergy AugerDeal 370 physical damage to 5 foes, create a field for 3s, and generate 30 Volatility.

Foes inside the field take 32 technology damage every 0.5s.

Bolt CasterBolt CasterFire shells that deal physical damage to 5 foes.

C1: 1 shell, 359 dmg, +5 Volatility, 6s cd
C2: 3 shells, 150 dmg, +15 Volatility, 9s cd
C3: 5 shells, 160 dmg, +25 Volatility, 12s cd

Unstable AnomalyUnstable AnomalyFire an orb that detonates upon hitting a foe or reaching the end of its path.

The detonation deals 18 technology damage and applies a Wound to the target and 4 foes within 5m.

Wound: Reduces Incoming Healing by 30% for 10s.

Tactical StrikeTactical StrikeApply 1 mark every 0.25s to foes.

Consume all marks on channel end, dealing 79 technology damage to affected foes and generating 3 Volatility.

Marks can be applied to multiple foes and can stack up to 12 times on a single foe.

Shock PulseShock PulseFire 3 beams that each deal 143 physical damage plus apply a Snare to 5 foes and generate 10 Volatility.

Snare: Reduces Movement Speed by 15% for 4s.

Mortar StrikeMortar StrikeFire an energy mortar that explodes on impact, dealing technology damage to 5 foes.

Deal 928 damage to foes in the center of the blast and 464 damage to others nearby.

Engineer Utility Abilities
ZapZapDeal 69 physical damage and apply a Stun to 5 foes.

Stun: Prevents any action for 2.5s. Destroy 1 Interrupt Armor.

Urgent WithdrawalUrgent WithdrawalDeal 76 physical damage to 5 foes, reduce their movement speed by 40% for 4s, and propel yourself backwards 8m.
Recursive MatrixRecursive MatrixCreate a field around you, lasting 6s.

Allies inside the field receive 50% Deflect Rating.

Diminisher BotDiminisher BotCreate a Diminisher Bot that deals 23 technology damage every 2.0s to 1 foe. While active, you gain access to Strobe.

[Bot Ability] Strobe: Deals 43 technology damage every 1s for 4.05s to 5 foes and creates a field that snares all foes within it.

Snare: Reduces Movement Speed by 50%.

Two bots can be active at one time.

Shatter ImpairmentShatter ImpairmentRemove all Crowd Control effects and grant yourself Empower.

Empower: Increase Critical Hit Chance by 10% for 5s.

Usable while under Crowd Control effects.

Repair BotRepair BotCreate a Repair Bot that deals 34 technology damage every 3.0s to 1 foe. While active, you gain access to Shield Boost.

[Bot Ability] Shield Boost: Restores 95 shield every 1s for 4.05s to 5 allies within 10m of the Repair Bot.

Two bots can be active at one time.

Volatile InjectionVolatile InjectionIncrease Deflect Critical Hit chance by 10% and grant 1 Interrupt Armor for 8s.
Code RedCode RedTaunt 10 foes and apply a buff to 2 nearby allies causing 25% of the threat they generate to be transferred to you for the next 6s.

Taunt: Reduces damage dealt, to all targets except Taunter, by 25% for 6s. NPCs are forced to attack Taunter.

Personal Defense UnitPersonal Defense UnitDeploy a Personal Defense Unit, lasting 30s, directly ahead of you.

The PDU grants you Defense for 5s and on expiration restores 500 health.

Defense: Increases Physical and Technology Resistances by 50%.

ObstructorObstructorDeal 69 physical damage, Interrupt, and Blind 5 foes.

Blind: Hinders vision and reduces Hit Chance by 50% for 3.3s.

Engineer Support Abilities
Bruiser BotBruiser BotCreate a Bruiser Bot that deals 43 physical damage twice to 5 foes. While active, you gain access to Blitz.

[Bot Ability] Blitz: Bruiser Bot launches to the target area, dealing 213 physical damage, Interrupting, and Taunting up to 5 foes for 8 seconds.

Two bots can be active at one time.

Hyper WaveHyper WaveDeal 323 technology damage to 5 foes and grant yourself Intimidate.

Intimidate: Threat match the highest Threat on the NPC’s Threat List and increase Threat generation by 100% for 4s.

Flak CannonFlak CannonDeal 141 physical damage every 0.5s to 5 foes and generate 6 Volatility per tick.

Grants you a 8 second buff that reduces the cast time of Flak Cannon by 50%.

Give 'em the GasGive ’em the GasFire a projectile that detonates upon impacting an enemy or reaching its maximum range.

Detonation creates a 5m field that deals 48 technology damage and applies a Blunder to 5 foes every 1s for 8s.

Blunder: Increases chance to have your attacks Deflected by 25% for 3s.

Bio ShellBio ShellFire a projectile that detonates upon impacting an enemy or reaching its maximum range. Generate 30 Volatility.

Detonation deals 841 physical damage and applies an Expose to the target and 4 foes.

Expose: Technology Resistance by 7% for 11s.

Generates 110% Threat.

FeedbackFeedbackDeal 426 technology damage to 5 foes.

Usable after Deflecting an attack.

RicochetRicochetDeal 383 physical damage to a single foe, generate 20 Volatility, and then bounces to up to 0 additional targets.
Disruptive ModuleDisruptive ModuleDeal 91 technology damage every 1s for 6s to 5 foes and generate 5 Volatility each tick.

You and 4 nearby allies receive 30 shield each tick per foe hit.

Particle EjectorParticle EjectorDeal 146 technology damage every 0.5s to 5 foes.

Generates 150% Threat.

ThresherThresherDeal physical damage to 5 foes near you.

C1: 217 dmg, +5 Volatility, 8s cd
C2: 401 dmg, +10 Volatility, 12s cd
C3: 831 dmg, +20 Volatility, 16s cd

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    im curious with one ability the engineer has, and i dont know what its called. when you go uparmored, is it a permanent feature, or is it on a CD type thing and only last for a certain time?

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