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WildStar Engineer Class

wildstar engineer
Hard working class of WildStar! They dedicated their lives to making life better for everyone and got very little in return, still no one thought much about Engineers. However, all that changed with the innovation of indestructible Exo-Suits, clever and improved Bots and powerful missile launchers.

With such equipment Engineers are capable of both causing mayhem, and enduring enemy’s heavy hits, transforming them into hardened soldiers. They can act as DPS with medium or long range attacks, or plowing through enemies as Tank.
Impressive selection of gadgets is what makes Engineers interesting. Besides customizable missile launchers, Bots will be important for attacks because they can be used for tanking, DPS, CC, and to top it off, Bots can also be used for healing. It would be better not to mention fantastic Exo-Suit which amplifies Engineers abilities or defense, but having it in mind, it is clear that everything mentioned makes this WildStar class more than just an equal with other classes on the battlefield.
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