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WildStar Servers list for launch

WildStar launch is almost upon us. Selecting the perfect place for you and your friends to start your adventures in Nexus world can be a challenge, but with a list below you’ll have a little head-start. Players can choose between PvE, PvP and Roleplaying servers in North America and Europe.

North AmericaEurope EN-EU
Avatus (PvE)Ascendancy (PvE)
Caretaker (PvE)Eko (PvE)
Mikros (PvE)Hazak (PvP)
Orias (PvE)Lightspire (Roleplaying)
Stormtalon (PvE)EUROPE DE
Thunderfoot (PvE)Kazor (PvE)
Pago (PvP)Ikthia (PvE)
Pergo (PvP)Progenitor (PvP)
Widow (PvP)Toria (Roleplaying)
Evindra (Roleplaying)EUROPE FR
Myrcalus (Oceanic PvE)Stormfather (PvE)
 Treespaker (PvP)
 Triton (Roleplaying)

WildStar Ops Week

wildstar ops week

Today, Carbine team announced Operations Week, a new chance for all WildStar fans to jump into Nexus world! During the period between the end of Open Beta – May 18th and headstart May 31st, various Carbine teams will be preparing for the launch of WildStar, and players will be able to test final Release Candidate.

We still don’t know when it will start, or how long it will last, but keep an eye on social media, and you’ll know when the servers are up for testing.
Read Ops Week FAQ »


Open Beta and Name Reservation

wildstar open beta

WildStar Open Beta starts on May 8th, 2014 and runs through May 18th. During this period players will be able to register one character and one guild name prior to launch.

We’re excited to announce that on May 8th, we will be starting Open Beta! Through May 18th, you’ll be able to continue to explore Nexus up to level 30, and get familiar with exploring, fighting and questing as we make our way towards head start and launch!
As part of pre-ordering WildStar, you’ll be able to make an even bigger mark on Nexus by registering one character and one guild name prior to launch! That means your desired name will be safer than a datachron in a Draken’s dreadlocks. Try saying that three times fast.
The name reservation page will only be available from May 13th through May 23rd, so be sure you check back to the site early so you can get your top choice, as reservations are first come, first serve. We will also have a FAQ section on the name reservation page that’ll fill you in on all of your questions, including name restrictions, which servers the name will be saved to, and more.


WildStar Bonus Beta Weekend April 25th

wildstar bonus beta weekend
This weekend starting Friday, April 25th, 7:00AM PDT through Sunday, April 27th, 11:59PM PDT, WildStar fans will be able to jump into Nexus world and join WildStar family through Bonus Beta Weekend. Don’t forget that you only have two more pre-order beta weekends before Head Start and launch Weekend.

As a reminder, your pre-order items, such as your rocket house, in-game title, and storage bag, will not be available until Head Start on May 31. Also, if you’re joining WildStar after our closed beta period, each character is capped at 25 which allows you to experience our badass quests, PvP, and dungeons.

Things to look forward to:

  • The level cap has been raised to 25.
  • New Adventure: War of the Wilds unlocks at level 25!
  • We’re going to be inviting every person who ever signed up for WildStar beta to this weekend’s event. That’s a lot of people, so you’ll have plenty of friends to team up with for Battlegrounds, Dungeons, Adventures, and more!

WildStar Bonus Beta Weekend

WildStar Bonus Beta Weekend starts on Friday 28th March, at 7:00am PDT, and lasts until Sunday night. During this event the level cap will be increased from 17 to 20.

This is our way of gathering the feedback we cherish and saying thank you to all of our loyal testers. Which is why we would love it if you logged in this weekend, enjoyed the extra 3 levels and the bonus game time because it will greatly help us be that much more prepared come launch day June 3rd.


First WildStar Beta Weekend has begun

wildstar beta weekend
As you probably know, between pre-order going live and launch, WildStar fans will be able to participate in four beta weekends. While everyone else will be required to obtain a key to participate in the beta weekend, players who pre-order the game will have immediate access to each event, and today, is your first chance to land on the planet Nexus! This event lasts from Friday, March 21st, 7:00AM PDT through Sunday, March 23rd, 11:59PM PDT.
Before you jump in the game, don’t forget some tips shared by developers:

  • If closed beta participants reached 32+ you will not require a Pre-Order key. Otherwise, yes you need a pre-order or weekend key.
  • The Alizar Realm will be down for approx 60 minutes. New characters created with old character names will be renamed “OldName”Alizar.
  • If you are seeing “No Realm Available” and did not reach level 32+ in beta, please check you have applied your Pre-order/Weekend Beta key.
  • We recommend everyone to use the en-US, we will have a localised client for FR & DE at a later date.
  • Make sure you are using your NC account email address as your username.
  • Select the North America region on the game launcher as beta weekends will be on NA servers.
  • If you have just logged in and are seeing a queue, don’t wait! Use the Realm Select at the top of the Character Selection screen!
  • If you cannot see your previous characters, make sure to change Realm to the one you used previously
  • I’m getting a “No Data Center Permissions” error, what does that mean?
    That error means you’re attempting to connect to a region that is not yet active. For the current phase of beta, you should be connecting to the North America region, regardless of where you are currently living.

See you on planet Nexus!


WildStar price for Standard and Deluxe Editions

wildstar edition price

Starting March 19th, WildStar fans will be able to pre-order the game on Amazon, BestBuy, GameStop and other retailer. The game is offered in two packages, and while there is no official info about the price of the game, we dug out some interesting information:

  • Gamestop has Standard Edition listed at $59.99 (gamestop) and some local retailers told us that the price in Europe will be 35£
  • Digital Deluxe Edition is 15£ more than standard and this was confirmed officially by Wildstar Twitter account.

This is still considered a rumor, but this sounds quite plausible.

Find out more about bonuses for each Edition