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WildStar Servers list for launch

WildStar launch is almost upon us. Selecting the perfect place for you and your friends to start your adventures in Nexus world can be a challenge, but with a list below you’ll have a little head-start. Players can choose between PvE, PvP and Roleplaying servers in North America and Europe.

North AmericaEurope EN-EU
Avatus (PvE)Ascendancy (PvE)
Caretaker (PvE)Eko (PvE)
Mikros (PvE)Hazak (PvP)
Orias (PvE)Lightspire (Roleplaying)
Stormtalon (PvE)EUROPE DE
Thunderfoot (PvE)Kazor (PvE)
Pago (PvP)Ikthia (PvE)
Pergo (PvP)Progenitor (PvP)
Widow (PvP)Toria (Roleplaying)
Evindra (Roleplaying)EUROPE FR
Myrcalus (Oceanic PvE)Stormfather (PvE)
 Treespaker (PvP)
 Triton (Roleplaying)