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List of collectibles

Name Type Map Faction
1. Black Bret’s Demands Journal
2. Darkspurned: An Ex-Enforcer Spills His Guts Journal
3. DATACUBE ENTRY: Blinding Genius Datacube
4. DATACUBE ENTRY: Cognitive Influence Datacube
5. DATACUBE ENTRY: Cube Security Datacube
6. DATACUBE ENTRY: Envious Illusion Datacube
7. DATACUBE ENTRY: Functional Immortality Datacube
8. DATACUBE ENTRY: Geological Irony Datacube
9. DATACUBE ENTRY: Irrefutable Rationality Datacube
10. DATACUBE ENTRY: Logical Selection Datacube
11. DATACUBE ENTRY: Mechanical Survivor Datacube
12. DATACUBE ENTRY: Neural Download Datacube
13. DATACUBE ENTRY: Piteous Existence Datacube
14. DATACUBE ENTRY: Potential Candidate Datacube
15. DATACUBE ENTRY: Radical Deviation Datacube
16. DATACUBE ENTRY: Spectral Echoes Datacube
17. Deputy Whirlscrew’s Notes Journal
18. Hott Lopp #17 Journal
19. Is This Living? Journal
20. Lunch Menu Journal Exile
21. Malgrave Survey Report Journal
22. Mechari Head Analysis Journal
23. My Life with the Robo-Cult Journal
24. Next Week’s Listings Journal
25. Phineas T. Rotostar in “The Protostar Difference!” Tales from Beyond the Fringe
26. PSPN Hilites! Journal
27. Rix is Right! Journal
28. Rock Climber’s Diary Journal
29. Sandthorne Manifesto Journal
30. The Pit Tales from Beyond the Fringe
31. Yatish’s War Journal Journal