Malgrave Survey Report

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On ground, close to NPC Pilot Tenzo and a giant cactus, The Kohra Crash Site area.




Malgrave Survey Report


This is Captain Evino of the private survey vessel Kohra. Beginning audio log, Survey 397-Malgrave. This audio log should be considered a supplement to telemetric data.

I began the first survey loop on an approach from the northwest corner of the region designated Malgrave by the exploratory teams. Kind of funny, you know, the Exiles and Dominion can’t agree on much of anything, but they never seem to argue about what to call places. Guess if a name was good enough for
the Eldan, it was good enough for them. Anyway, gettin’ off track.

I flew in over what looked like a Dreg camp out to the west. Those mangle-headed mutants are pretty hard to mistake for anyone else, and their architecture’s a freakin’ nightmare. Meanwhile, some clone manager looks like he made a typically dense Protostar decision to set up some kinda marketing operation between the Dreg to the west and a pretty big distillery-lookin’ thing further inland. If I don’t miss my guess,
those are Marauder ships, in fact. Better not fly too low.

To the north, I’m seeing what looks like hunter’s blinds. Makes sense, there sure is a lot of wildlife down there. The camp isn’t too far from Fort Dominus, where the Dominion’s set up their forward base. They’re not all that far from Redsand Station, where the Exiles are holed up, but so far they’re not shooting each other too much. Maybe the Lopp down in Shinysand Oasis are getting in the way. That’s about central to this whole area.

The Lopp aren’t too far from a pretty big shipwreck to the south. Looks like a pretty recent crash – post-arrival, at least, not from the old Eldan era. And then there’s the town up north. Looks…freaky is the best way I can describe it. There are people there, I think, but they look ghostly. Like, literally ghostly. Sort of transparent and floaty. I sure don’t want to land down there!

Last stretch of the survey’s just ahead. I see a ranch to the southeast, and beyond that what looks like
some kind of temporary dwellings and a makeshift spaceport, with –

Oh boy. Yeah, that’s a Darkspur Cartel operation, for sure. I don’t think they spotted me, but you don’t want to get too close to a Cartel operation. Those Krogg will make you – target lock! Missiles fired! Releasing chaff…not working. Can’t maneuver out of the way…I’m hit! Blast it, they caught the Kohra right amidships. No way I can keep her flying. Just have to try not to crash in the middle of that Lopp village or the ranch
…if you can hear this, the Kohra is going down! Send help! This is Captain Evino of the Kohra, I repeat I am losing altitude and can’t seem to –

[The voice-to-text transfer, and the survey report, ends at this point.]

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Type: Journal