WildStar release date announced

WildStar Release Date is announced for June 3rd, 2014. If you want to find out more about preorder start and bonuses read our latest breaking news

Today Carbine unveiled a little upsetting news for all WildStar fans – WildStar’s release is officially pushed back to Spring of 2014. Jeremy Gaffney, Carbine executive producer, confirmed that the main changes to the game depend on the feedback provided by beta players, and that all content must be polished before the launch.

It’s very dependent on our players though. We reserve the right to flip-flop around, because we have to have people in the beta going ‘Yeah!’ and we have to have all of our content in and tested in the beta, but right now we’re targeting early 2014, spring 2014.

Although the fans will be a little disappointed with this decision, it’s good to know that Carbine’s number one commitment is a high-quality game with polished content and deep top-level gameplay.