Generous Donor Achievement – Thayd Museum

Generous Donor Achievement is unlocked when you gather eight (8) relics found throughout Nexus. This guide describes locations of Exile relics. Finding one of these relics gives you a quest that sends you to the Museum in Thayd. This is where you are supposed to leave these relics for safekeeping. Completing all these quests gives you 10 achievement points and title: Philanthropist.

Thayd Museum

Dorian Walker’s Museum is found in southeast Thayd. This area is called Walker’s Bluff. You can reach it via two ascending paths found north and west of Walker’s Bluff. Huge spaceship found at this location represents the Thayd Museum. Use the lift at the bottom of the spaceship’s left wing in order to enter the Museum.

In the table bellow you can find artifact names, locations and in-game information about their history. Wildstar once again surprises its players with hidden gems and rewards exploration off the beaten path in the best fashion possible.

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WildStar Sabotage PTR Update Notes

With the latest PTR Sabotage Patch all WildStar fans have the opportunity to use the Cheat NPCs to get level 50 character and test gear vendor. Patch notes are included below:

PTR Exclusive

  • Anyone can now utilize the instant-level-50 boost NPC and test gear vendor on the PTR.
  • PvP items have been added to the test gear vendor on the PTR, allowing you to be properly suited up for battleground testing!
  • The “Pouch of Prestige” can now be bought on the PTR, instantly filling your PvP currency.

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WildStar Rare Mob Locations Guide

Are you in the mood for hunting rare mobs? If your answer is yes, and you need a hand, take a look at our WildStar Rare Mob guides where you can find all rare mobs available in a particular zone, their spawn locations with coordinates, their abilities you should be aware of, and possible loot. And when we talk about loot you can expect a wide range from 16 slot bags to unique items with Imbuements. List of mobs categorized by zones is included below:


Rare Mobs in Daily Zones

There are 4 rare mobs you can encounter while adventuring through Crimson Badlands and Northern Wastes. Two of them are found in Crimson Badlands and the other two are in Northern Wastes.

After defeating all rares, you will complete the achievement “I Like it Rare: Crimson Badlands” and “I Like it Rare: Northern Wastes” listed under Achievement » Kill » Crimson Badlands / Northern Wastes. In the table below, you’ll find the list of all rare mobs available in Daily Zones, their spawn locations with coordinates, and possible loot. Loot shown bellow is specific to those creatures. You can also expect these creatures to drop, in rare occasions, loot like Sign of Earth, Air, Logic, Fire … Rune Fragments, Starloom Clothes and similar. Rare Mobs in Northern Wastes also drop item Encrypted Datashard needed for IMBUEMENT: Data Recovery .

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WildStar patch notes July 16th

WildStar fans will be delighted with today’s patch notes that basically increased item drops from bosses in Dungeons and Adventures, and the chance to get AMP and Ability Points as drop in World Loot.



  • When moving a Soulbind-On-Equip item in your inventory, the “Confirm soulbind” dialog will now only appear if the item would become soulbound.
  • Items transferred to the Guild bank now properly validate uniqueness.


  • Shred should now deal damage as intended.


  • Visual effects should once again show up when casting “Crush”


  • Gear in the buyback list now counts towards the gear score when queuing up for PvP matches.


  • The Deserter debuff now properly applies to AFK players who go AFK in an Arena.



  • Several rewards from Stormtalon’s Lair, Kel Voreth, and Skullcano normal mode have been increased in item level.
  • Several rewards from Hycrest, Astrovoid, War of the Wilds, Siege of Tempest Refuge, Crimelords of Whitevale and Malgrave Trail have been increased in item level and rarity.
  • Bosses in Stormtalon’s Lair, Kel Voreth and Skullcano normal mode will now drop at least 2 items, instead of 1, when defeated.
  • Reward points in Hycrest, Astrovoid, War of the Wilds, Siege of Tempest Refuge, Crimelords of Whitevale and Malgrave Trail normal mode will now drop at least 2 items, instead of 1, upon completion.
  • Dungeons and Adventures no longer have unique rewards on Bronze, Silver and Gold Medal rewards.
  • Bronze Medal will no longer sometimes award good-quality loot.
  • All excellent-quality and superb-quality items that were previously only available on the Silver and Gold Medals are now available from the final boss.
  • Medals now also multiply the amount of money awarded from the final encounter:
    • No Medal – 100% money reward
    • Bronze Medal – 150% money reward
    • Silver Medal – 200% money reward
    • Gold Medal – 250% money reward
  • Medal rewards now confer additional loot rolls on an instance-wide loot table. Each of these rolls has a flat bonus chance to select from the final boss’s superb item list.
  • The reward structure is now as follows:
    • No Medal: 1 roll on the final boss table
    • Bronze Medal: 1 roll on the final boss table, 1 roll on an instance-wide loot table
    • Silver Medal: 1 roll on the final boss table, 2 rolls on an instance-wide loot table
    • Gold Medal: 1 roll on the final boss table, 3 rolls on an instance-wide loot table
  • AMP and Ability Points are now more likely to drop in World Loot.

WildStar patch notes July 15th

The latest WildStar update comes with a handful of changes which include improvement to classes, adventures, raids, user interface and much more. Patch notes are included below:


  • The flickering water effects seen by some users using NVIDIA graphics cards has been fixed.
  • Samu-Samu Blood Shamans no longer heal enemies, or the Giant Skeech Totem with ‘Blood Channel’.

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Goldensun Aura Guide (or how to get a shiny character)

Goldesun Aura Effects
Welcome to the second installment of our Adventuring through Wildstar series of articles. Today we will talk about a very special event that takes place in Whitevale, level 22-28 zone for both factions. This frozen wonderland has many surprises. There is a lake in the middle of the zone which has adventures both under water as well as on a floating barge high up above the lake. There are Elden secrets to be solved and Prime Metal Maw to be defeated (world boss of the zone). What turned out the most unexpected surprise in this land is what we’re about to discuss!

Goldensun Aura is a buff that you receive when you use the item Goldensun Essence. This buff makes your character have a golden shine around it! Sometimes, in rare occasions, it makes the items that you wear appear made out of gold.

Special thanks to FearlessLeader from guild LoVE Lords of Nexus (server Eko – EU) for his information and generous time helping me find Goldensun Dawngrazer.
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