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Wildstar content updates – interview with Megan Starks

Great thing about gaming conventions is that you get a chance to actually meet the people that make the games we play. We were lucky to sit down with Wildstar developers at GamesCom 2014 and get all the footage you’ve been seeing on our website in the past few days. We kept the best thing as last though. We got to sit down and talk to mrs. Megan Starks, Senior Game Designer on WildStar. We got to discuss content updates and whether Carbine plans to continue the update cadence they had so far. We got her to answer one of the questions asked by a Wildstar redditor. We even got her to reveal what she and her team are working on next! You can check all of it out in our video interview bellow:

The Defile presentation from GamesCom 2014

During our visit to Europe’s largest gaming convention, GamesCom, we had the pleasure of sitting down with Wildstar devs and having a presentation of upcoming content for the game. Majority of the presentation was dedicated to a new zone coming to the game called the Defile.

New zone tells the story of what happens after the events described in Blighthaven. It is a level 50 zone with solo, 5-man and 20-man content with new quests, bosses, datacubes and repeatable zone events (think of it as the Tree and the Bird events in Blighthaven). There are places in the zone that are there only for people to explore through with new missions for all paths and new datacubes.

Along with the new content coming with the patch there will also be some quality of life updates to the game. In housing you will be able to unlock skies, instead of replace one with the other and lose the previous one forever. There will also be an ambiance music tab added to your house where you can shoose the background music for your housing plot. More decor items will be introduced as well.

If you are not level 50 yet and you do not want your story spoiled – stop reading here.

Main story of the content drop will be that the Strain is trying to release the Entity from the prison Drusera and the Eldan put it in. The Defile will actually finish the story arc of the fight between Drusera and the Entity … for now.

All of the above and more is shown in the video of the presentation and you can check it out bellow.

There is also a part 2 of this presentation with exclusive new information of what is coming to the game which we’ll release later in the day.

Preview of Customizable Mounts in WildStar

WildStar Customizable mounts
In the newest interview for IGN.com, WildStar Design Producer Stephan Frost showcased customizable mounts. This is one of the elements of customization that’s put in the game. As stated in the interview, Mounts won’t only be a quick way to travel, they will also be a way to show off player’s own personal style with deep customization system.
Click here to check out the video

Chad Moore Lore and Paths Interview

During Arkship EU 2013 we had immense pleasure of talking with Mr. Chad Moore, Lead Narrative Designer on Wildstar. His team and he are responsible for many different things in the game and keeping it all in line with the overall lore of planet Nexus and creatures that inhabit or try to conquer it. We managed to find out more about what a Lead Narrative Designer and his team do in an MMORPG where we have a completely new setting. We also managed to pick his brain about game mechanics that adhere to the lore buffs out there, so we discussed Datacubes, Journals and other lore collectibles and their impact on the player and his game experience. We also touched on the subject of the Scientist, path that has not yet been discussed in great detail.
We know the quality of the video could have been less blurry and we had additional technical difficulties, but I think the contents of the interview more than make up for it. We would like to thank Mr. Chad Moore for taking the time to talk to us and sharing some of his Wildstar stories.

ZAM Interview With PvP Lead Jen Gordy

The folks over at ZAM recently had a chance to sit down for a chat with the Lead Designer for WildStar’s PvP, Jen Gordy. The interview touches on skill ballance between PvE and PvP, itemization, and the general approach Jen is taking towards WildStar’s PvP.

This interview, coupled with the most recent Ask Us Anything PvP post, have given players who long to test their skills against others plenty to chew over. If you want to read up on everthing Jen had to say you can check it out in ZAM’s full interview.

Arkship Dungeons Interview with Christopher Behrens

As some of you might know we attended a gathering of Wildstar websites in Brighton, UK, called Arkship EU 2013. We took this awesome opportunity to meet and talk to several Carbine game developers and staff. All of them are really nice and very knowledgeable people and we took the opportunity to interview some of them. Since the overall theme of Arkship was the ability for us to play the newly announced dungeon, Stormtalon’s Lair, we talked dungeons with none other but Lead Systems Designer, Mr. Christopher Behrens. Here’s the video of the interview and you can find the full transcript bellow:

Click here to read the full interview transcript