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Mount Vendor Locations

WildStar mounts are in form of creatures and vehicles, and can be bought from various vendors: mount vendor, renown vendor, reputation vendor, or end game vendor. Playing with different customization items, will make your mount look completely different compared to other mounts, but don’t forget that mounts bought from mount vendor cannot be customized.

In the table below we listed all vendors for Exile and Dominion faction, including location screenshots, and list of mounts and customization items from their inventory. Mount screenshots you can fond in our comprehensive Mount guide.

WildStar currency

Renown Renown – is earned through social activities such as playing in a group or mentoring.
Elder Gems Elder Gems – are acquired using Elder Points earned at level cap. 75,000 Elder Points = 1 Elder Gem
PrestigePrestige – is earned by defeating enemy players and completing PVP objectives.
PlatinumPlatinum = 100 Gold
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Preview of Customizable Houses in WildStar

WildStar customizable houses
Personalization is important in WildStar and that’s why Carbine Studios developed deep customization system. One of the core elements of the game are customizable houses, and also one of the things we didn’t know so much until now.
WildStar Design Producer Stephen Frost did another interview for IGN.com, this time focusing only on house customization and explaining why it is important in this game.
In this video Stephen Frost talked about daily buffs and bonuses, level of customization of plots, as well as in the houses themselves. You can check out whole, 17-minutes long video bellow, and our summary of the most important things:

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Preview of Customizable Mounts in WildStar

WildStar Customizable mounts
In the newest interview for IGN.com, WildStar Design Producer Stephan Frost showcased customizable mounts. This is one of the elements of customization that’s put in the game. As stated in the interview, Mounts won’t only be a quick way to travel, they will also be a way to show off player’s own personal style with deep customization system.
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