Preview of Customizable Houses in WildStar

WildStar customizable houses
Personalization is important in WildStar and that’s why Carbine Studios developed deep customization system. One of the core elements of the game are customizable houses, and also one of the things we didn’t know so much until now.
WildStar Design Producer Stephen Frost did another interview for, this time focusing only on house customization and explaining why it is important in this game.
In this video Stephen Frost talked about daily buffs and bonuses, level of customization of plots, as well as in the houses themselves. You can check out whole, 17-minutes long video bellow, and our summary of the most important things:

  • Each House has Housing Buff Board, that offers different buffs each day, refreshes every 24 hours, some of them are:
    10% questing and hunting bnus
    5% Player vs Player (PvP) bonus
    5% Group PvP buff
  • You can customize your house towards your playing style
  • You can build and use a crafting station in your house
  • There are also challenges that can be shared with friends that you have invited to your house, and all of you will be rewarded for that.
  • There will also be mining plots where you can mine iron nodes daily
  • You can also have Fertile Ground where you can use seeds and plant flowers for medicine
  • The more stuff you have in your house, the more rest XP bonus you get, and progress faster through the game
  • Your neighbors can also get rest XP in your house
  • You can decorate the outside of the house and change the sky among many other things
  • Some stuffs can be bought with renown currency that can be earned while grouping up with other people
  • Houses have different dimensions like small and large
  • Some monsters will drop their head if you defeat them, and you can place their heads in the house
  • You can have hologram version of armor sets and see what it looks like
  • You can change walls, ceiling, trim, floor, lighting inside your house
  • You can turn off and on lights
  • You can also put items from outside inside your house, but a huge tree doesn’t look cool inside
  • There is an epic amount of stuffs that you can get for your house, and new stuffs will be added constantly