WildStar AMPs guide with vendor locations

wildstar amp guideAMPs System is part of WildStar Action Set Builder (default key ‘B’). At level 6 you’ll unlock AMPs. You can find AMP tab right next to your Abilities tab. This feature allows you to get extra stats and additionally tune character’s build. While leveling, your character earns AMP points. At level cap, your character will have 45 AMP points obtained through leveling. At level 50 you can get 10 more AMP points by spending Elder Gems. Elder gem vendor sells item called AMP Power Upgrade that unlocks an additional point of AMP Power. A maximum of 55 AMP Power can be unlocked through leveling and bonuses. Placing points into unlocked AMPS adds new features like: abilities cooldown reductions, adds lifesteal to your attacks, improves secondary stats, unlocks new spells, adds effects on heal, damage, kill, abilities and etc.

Once you open AMPs Tab you’ll see 6 AMP sections – Assault, Support, Utility, Hybrid A/S, Hybrid A/U, Hybrid S/U grouped in three circles, representing Tiers. Each Section reflects the play stile of a player. While Assault gives more commodities for damage dealers, Support section gives more commodities to healers and tanks, Utility gives more commodities to PvP combat, Hybrid A/U; A/S; S/U with their commodities tries to connects Assault, Support and Utility.

Tier 1 AMPs and some some of Tier 3 AMPs (that give new spells) are unlocked by default, and you activate them by spending AMP points. AMPs Tier 2 and most of Tier 3 are locked (red), meaning you have to buy or loot AMP items, and use them from your inventory to unlock those AMPs. These items are usually purchased from the reputation faction vendors in various zones for the price between 50 silvers to 2 gold. Once you obtain a corresponding AMP item, it will remove the red lock for a specific AMP permanently, for that character, and turn it from red to gray. To activate AMP you have to spend/invest earned AMP points. This means you have to left mouse click on AMP circle and save the build. Tier 2 AMPs become available after you spend 3 points in Tier 1, and tier 3 becomes available after you spend total of 11 points in one section. Tier 2 and Tier 3amp unlocks cost varies from 2 to 6 AMP points. You can simply mouse over each AMP and check its description and its cost.

Every zone, except the tutorial ones, has a Reputation Vendor, and most of them have two AMPs for each class under “Popular” sections, which means that your character must collect 8000 reputation points with your faction, before being eligible for a purchase.
You can respec AMP points simply by clicking on the “Buy full Amp reset” button in the bottom left corner of the AMP screen. The more AMP points you spend, the more respec costs. At level 15, you’ll get possibility to create and save the second ability set with new AMP point choices.

How to obtain AMPs?

The AMP rewards are completely random across all classes, but the Tiers depend on character level. AMP items can be obtained as random world drop, quest rewards, rewards from Scavenged Supplies boxes for completing challenges. Final bosses in dungeons have a chance to drop AMP unlocks. A number of PVP AMP unlock items are available from the PVP goods vendors in Thayd / Illium for the price between 50 to 175 prestige. Scavenged goods bags from PvP also have a chance to contain AMP unlocks. You can buy / sell AMP unlocks (non bound on pick up) through the Commodities Exchange as well.

AMP vendor locations per class


We would like to thank WildStar community from the official forums and reddit, for helping us to make this guide and find all AMP vendors.