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WildStar AMPs guide with vendor locations

wildstar amp guideAMPs System is part of WildStar Action Set Builder (default key ‘B’). At level 6 you’ll unlock AMPs. You can find AMP tab right next to your Abilities tab. This feature allows you to get extra stats and additionally tune character’s build. While leveling, your character earns AMP points. At level cap, your character will have 45 AMP points obtained through leveling. At level 50 you can get 10 more AMP points by spending Elder Gems. Elder gem vendor sells item called AMP Power Upgrade that unlocks an additional point of AMP Power. A maximum of 55 AMP Power can be unlocked through leveling and bonuses. Placing points into unlocked AMPS adds new features like: abilities cooldown reductions, adds lifesteal to your attacks, improves secondary stats, unlocks new spells, adds effects on heal, damage, kill, abilities and etc.

Once you open AMPs Tab you’ll see 6 AMP sections – Assault, Support, Utility, Hybrid A/S, Hybrid A/U, Hybrid S/U grouped in three circles, representing Tiers. Each Section reflects the play stile of a player. While Assault gives more commodities for damage dealers, Support section gives more commodities to healers and tanks, Utility gives more commodities to PvP combat, Hybrid A/U; A/S; S/U with their commodities tries to connects Assault, Support and Utility.
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Warrior Amps Locations

AMPs are part of WildStar action sets, where you can put points in six different parts – Assault, Support, Utility and 3 Hybrids. The AMP rewards are completely random across all classes, but the Tiers are rewarded based on level. You can obtain them as random mob drops, challenge rewards, or simply buy them from vendors, but don’t forget that Reputation vendors require you to achieve at least POPULAR reputation level (8000 reputation with your faction) before you can buy AMPs.

Link to our detailed AMPs guide and vendor AMP Locations for other classes.

In the table below you can find locations for all Warrior Amps, for both factions Exile and Dominion. By clicking on the links in the Vendor columns you can see map location for each vendor. You can also search the table by choosing vendor name, or location from drop down menus at the top of the table.
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The Warrior Reborn

The Warrior is a class that was already introduced, but it’s received a new coat of paint since then and it’s time to take a second look. The warrior is exactly what you expect if you’ve played any MMO before; they have big weapons, big armor, they can tank, and they can dish out the damage. The interesting twist with WildStar’s warrior is their arm canon, which looks like it will give the warrior a few options when it comes to dealing with enemies at a range.

Head over to the official Warrior class page to get the full details straight from the developers themselves, and let us know what you think of the Warrior’s reintroduction in the comments below.

Wildstar Class Skills at lvl 20 from GamesCom Demo

If you ever wandered what kind of skills each of the Wildstar classes gets a little bit further into the game, the following video might help you satisfy your curiosity. We took the chance to film all the skills for all the classes available at the show floor of GamesCom 2013 and we even filmed some of the skill animations while we were at it. We would have filmed more, but Carbine made available only the skills you see here. These skills are something a level 20 character would have access to. Please do remember that these skills were just part of the demo shown on the show floor and might not make it to the release of the game at all or will make their appearance in the full game completely modified. Still, it gives you a sense of direction Carbine is going with each class and what kind of skills you can expect for Stalkers, Espers, Spellslingers and Warriors. I hope you like the emotes we filmed at the end of the video as well 😉

P.S. Make sure you watch it in full HD – that way you’ll be able to see the skill text crisp clear.