Gamescom 2013

Creating hardcore MMO players through quality content – Interview with Jeremy Gaffney

We’ve been following Wildstar for a while now and we got to speak to some pretty awesome people making the game. There is, however, one defining moment you can have doing this: talking to, how his fans call him, Gaffer, better known as Jeremy Gaffney, Executive Producer of Carbine Studios. Responsible for overseeing the entirety of the game he can tell us everything about it and he usually does. We took our chance during GamesCom to ask him about Wildstar’s business model and C.R.E.D.D., and what effects it might have on the player economy. We talked about end game and raids and sneaked in a couple of community questions about that topic. Finally, we asked if Wildstar is for hardcore gamers and you just have to hear the answer in the video bellow to find out Mr. Gaffney’s thoughts about that.

We’d like to thank Mr. Gaffney for taking the time to talk to us and answering some community questions along the way.

You can expect a full transcript of this interview very soon.


Wildstar Class Skills at lvl 20 from GamesCom Demo

If you ever wandered what kind of skills each of the Wildstar classes gets a little bit further into the game, the following video might help you satisfy your curiosity. We took the chance to film all the skills for all the classes available at the show floor of GamesCom 2013 and we even filmed some of the skill animations while we were at it. We would have filmed more, but Carbine made available only the skills you see here. These skills are something a level 20 character would have access to. Please do remember that these skills were just part of the demo shown on the show floor and might not make it to the release of the game at all or will make their appearance in the full game completely modified. Still, it gives you a sense of direction Carbine is going with each class and what kind of skills you can expect for Stalkers, Espers, Spellslingers and Warriors. I hope you like the emotes we filmed at the end of the video as well 😉

P.S. Make sure you watch it in full HD – that way you’ll be able to see the skill text crisp clear.


Wildstar Exiles Character Creation Demo

Not everyone was able to visit GamesCom 2013 and see what Carbine had in store on for their booth visitors. We tried to capture as much footage as we could. Among that footage we tried capturing Character Creation process. Carbine removed all the actual customization options that you will see in the full game (this was just a convention demo), but they left in a Randomize button that changed your head and face styles randomly. We tried to click several times for all Exile races so you can see all the different options that the game is surely going to provide at release.

Make sure you choose HD quality since we shot the footage in full HD.

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Wildstar Dungeons Presentation @ GamesCom

We were almost late to the start of this great presentation. It took us 2:30 minutes to get setup and not have to move the camera from all the people attending the presentation. Focusing of our camera and the big screen did not want to cooperate. Still, we managed to record the Wildstar Dungeons Presentation, even if we had to do a video trick here and there. I hope you enjoy the information you can get from the panel and that at least some parts of the video will visually manage to relate all the dynamics of running a Wildstar dungeon.

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WildStar Housing Exclusive Information

WildStar team will be doing a housing presentation on GamesCom for visiting crowds, and we’ll be live blogging from this presentation with video coming soon after. Stay tuned! The presentation will be starting at 13:30 CET. If things go well, we’ll do the same for dungeon presentation as well.
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Wildstar Housing Video Showcasing New Features

We had immense pleasure of meeting Jeremy Gaffney, Executive Producer at Carbine Studios, during GamesCom 2013 and spend some time discussing the game with him. You can expect the full interview including some community questions being answered, but in the meantime we wanted to share this short video where Mr. Gaffney showcased some of the Chua housing options and, voluntarily divulged some amazing warplot information.