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Creating hardcore MMO players through quality content – Interview with Jeremy Gaffney

We’ve been following Wildstar for a while now and we got to speak to some pretty awesome people making the game. There is, however, one defining moment you can have doing this: talking to, how his fans call him, Gaffer, better known as Jeremy Gaffney, Executive Producer of Carbine Studios. Responsible for overseeing the entirety of the game he can tell us everything about it and he usually does. We took our chance during GamesCom to ask him about Wildstar’s business model and C.R.E.D.D., and what effects it might have on the player economy. We talked about end game and raids and sneaked in a couple of community questions about that topic. Finally, we asked if Wildstar is for hardcore gamers and you just have to hear the answer in the video bellow to find out Mr. Gaffney’s thoughts about that.

We’d like to thank Mr. Gaffney for taking the time to talk to us and answering some community questions along the way.

You can expect a full transcript of this interview very soon.

Concerning Money Sinks

Balancing an MMO economy is no easy task, and money sinks play a large part in maintaining that balance. Senior Systems Designer Charles “Bull” Duram recently answered some questions players had concerning what types of resource sinks will be present in-game, both money and otherwise. There is also some talk on how players will influence the economy, repair costs, and possible gambling ventures.

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WildStar Economy 101

See the man in that picture? That’s Charles Durham, one of the men in charge of keeping WildStar’s economy all sorted out. Anyone familiar with an MMO economy knows that making funds available to players, without giving them too much cash and making things a little too easy, is no easy task. Luckily the WildStar team has some plans on how to keep their economy flowing they way they want, and they wanted to share some of those plans with the players.

Durham posted a nice piece today describing some of the ways the team plans on keeping the economy in check. Anyone who likes to make money selling of items and equipment to other players, or is just interested in how the economy of an MMO works, would do well to take look. And be sure to tell us what you think of these ideas in the comments section below. Continue reading