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WildStar Tips & Tricks

wildstar tips tricks
Tips & Tricks guide contains comprehensive list of things that you should know before you jump into Nexus world. All tips are sorted into groups that will help you find general and advanced answers about housing, mounts, crafting, questing, and much more. If you want to share any tip with us please leave a comment below.
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Concerning Money Sinks

Balancing an MMO economy is no easy task, and money sinks play a large part in maintaining that balance. Senior Systems Designer Charles “Bull” Duram recently answered some questions players had concerning what types of resource sinks will be present in-game, both money and otherwise. There is also some talk on how players will influence the economy, repair costs, and possible gambling ventures.

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Econ Devblog Shines Light on the Circuit Board Crafting System

Today we were treated to a nice developer blog going over some of the aspects of what the WildStar team is calling their “Circuit Board Crafting System”, or CBC for short. The CBC is the¬†basis for one of our two crafting systems, and is also used by non-crafters to modify their items.

The post mainly focuses on modding items, but it includes a few nice teasers for the crafters out there as well. The blog focuses heavily on the idea of each item in the game having a schematic that contains slots that can be filled with items known as microchips. These microchips can affect stats, abilities, and the power of the weapon itself.

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