WildStar Esper Class

WildStar Esper
Espers are masters of the mind who tap into powerful psychic energies to lash out and incapacitate enemies or strengthen and protect their friends. The connection between the mind and body is a powerful thing, and no one demonstrates this better than an Esper.

Rare individuals that display unusual mental fortitude, Espers must undergo rigorous training in order to harness the turbulent, chaotic energies of the mind – eventually learning to focus and transform this energy into telekinetic power. Once they have mastered this ability, Espers learn to use the psyblade – a sharp and deadly projectile weapon propelled through the air by the force of their minds.
But the psyblade is not the only weapon in the Esper’s arsenal. They can also manipulate mental energy to create illusions so convincing they are capable of inflicting very real damage on their enemies. This same technique can be used to bolster friends, allowing them to return to the fray after being injured in battle. A fully trained Esper can turn the tide in any conflict, sustaining and healing their allies while dishing out devastating mental blasts against their foes.


Esper Available Races

wildstar aurin Aurin wildstar human Human
wildstar cassian Cassian    
wildstar chua Chua    

Esper Statistics

  • Role: Ranged DPS, Healer
  • Equipment: Psyblade
  • Armor Weight: Light Armor
  • Ability Resources: Mana and Focus Points
  • Primary Attributes: Moxie (DPS), Insight (Healing)

WildStar Esper Combat Mechanics

During the fight Esper has several abilities to build up Focus Points. Esper can store up to 5 focus points, after which he can unleash devastating attacks at enemies. Focus point can be used for DPS or Healing, depending on the situation. The more focus points you store, the stronger attack will be. During the fight, keep your enemies at a distance and nuke them with powerful psychic energies.

Esper Abilities

Icon Ability Details
Telekinetic Strike Telekinetic Strike Deal 234 magic damage to 5 foes and generate a Psi Point.
Mind Burst Mind Burst Deal magic damage to 5 foes.

1PP: 422 dmg
2PP: 543 dmg
3PP: 664 dmg
4PP: 785 dmg
5PP: 905 dmg

Concentrated Blade Concentrated Blade Manifest a psyblade that, after 4.4s, spins to the nearest foe dealing 298 magic damage and generating a Psi Point.

This ability has 2 charges.

Blade Dance Blade Dance Deal 78 magic damage to 10 foes every 0.5s and grant yourself Swiftness. Generate a Psi Point on start and end.

Swiftness: Increases Movement Speed by 15% while channeling.

Telekinetic Storm Telekinetic Storm Conjure a storm, lasting for 7s, that erupts upon hitting a foe or reaching the end of its path.

The storm deals magical damage to 5 foes every 1s.

1PP: 53 dmg per tick
2PP: 71 dmg per tick
3PP: 85 dmg per tick
4PP: 103 dmg per tick
5PP: 121 dmg per tick

Illusionary Blades Illusionary Blades Deal magic damage to 5 foes and generate a Psi Point.

C1: 195 dmg, 4s cd
C2: 334 dmg, 6s cd
C3: 508 dmg, +1 Psi Point, 8s cd

Spectral Frenzy Spectral Frenzy Conjure 3 spectral blades that each deal 78 magic damage to 5 foes and generate a Psi Point.

Blades are swung once per cast and can only generate 1 Psi Point total.

Haunt Haunt Deal 225 magic damage and apply an Expose to 5 foes. Generate a Psi Point.

Expose: Reduces Magic Resistance by 4% for 10s.

Phantom Swarm Phantom Swarm Manifest 3 Phantoms that deal 36 magic damage every 1.25s for 10s. Generate a Psi Point.
Reap Reap Conjure a trap, lasting for 30s, at the targeted location.

The first foe to walk into the trap triggers a Reaper that deals magic damage and applies a Snare to 5 foes for 8s.

1PP: 103 dmg, 5% Snare
2PP: 224 dmg, 10% Snare
3PP: 344 dmg, 15% Snare
4PP: 465 dmg, 20% Snare
5PP: 586 dmg, 25% Snare

Snare: Reduces Movement Speed.

Crush Crush Deal 270 magic damage and apply a Knockdown to 5 foes.

Knockdown: Prevents any action, except Dash, for 1s. Destroys 1 Interrupt Armor.

Shockwave Shockwave Deal 311 magic damage and apply an 8m Knockback to 5 foes.

Knockback: Destroys 1 Interrupt Armor.

Fade Out Fade Out Jump backward 4m plus grant yourself 460 absorb and apply Pacify to 10 foes.

Pacify: Reduces Damage Dealt to the Pacifier by 25% for 3s.

Catharsis Catharsis Restore 162 health and Cleanse 1 Debuff from yourself and 5 allies.
Meditate Meditate Restore 20 Focus plus 6 Focus every 0.498s.
Fixation Fixation Reset all cooldowns and generate 5 Psi Points.

Usable while in combat.

Incapacitate Incapacitate Deal 241 magic damage and apply a Subdue to 5 foes.

Subdue: Prevents ability usage for 2s or until after your weapon has been recovered.

Geist Geist Manifest a Geist that deals 96 magic damage every 2.25s for 15s.

Geist generates 400% Threat.

Restraint Restraint Manifest a field, lasting 4s, on top of a foe. Generate a Psi Point.

The field deals 20 magic damage and applies a Root to 5 foes every 1s.

Root: Prevents movement for 1s.

Projected Spirit Projected Spirit Dash forward, restoring 483 health to yourself and 5 allies.
Mind Over Body Mind Over Body Restore 618 health to yourself or an ally and place a Spectral Lantern, lasting 6s, at your location. Generate a Psi Point.

Spectral Lantern grants Bastion to nearby allies.

Bastion: Increases Outgoing Healing by 2%.

Collective Will Collective Will Restore health to yourself and 10 party members.

11 Focus, 1PP: 334 health
14 Focus, 2PP: 447 health
18 Focus, 3PP: 561 health
21 Focus, 4PP: 671 health
25 Focus, 5PP: 781 health

Bolster Bolster Restore 67 health to yourself or an ally every second for 7s and generate a Psi Point. Stacks 2 times.
Phantasmal Armor Phantasmal Armor Grant yourself or an ally 724 absorb and 1 Interrupt Armor.
Soothe Soothe Restore health to yourself and your 2 most injured allies. Generate a Psi Point.

C1: 12 Focus, 174 health, Instant
C2: 24 Focus, 224 health, 1.25s Charge
C3: 36 Focus, 433 health, 2s Charge

Focused Relief Focused Relief Restore health to yourself or an ally.

1PP: 440 health
2PP: 550 health
3PP: 660 health
4PP: 774 health
5PP: 888 health

Mirage Mirage Create a Mirage, lasting 60s, at the targeted location.

The first injured ally that walks into the Mirage receives 1097 health and you generate a Psi Point.

This ability has 2 charges.

Dislodge Essence Dislodge Essence Conjure a torch, lasting 6s, that ignites upon hitting a foe or reaching the end of its path. Generate a Psi Point.

The torch deals 99 magical damage to 5 nearby foes plus restores 114 health to 5 nearby allies every 3s.

Mental Boon Mental Boon Restore health plus grant Nimble to yourself and your 4 most injured party members every 0.5s for 6.0s.

Nimble: Increases Dash regeneration.

1PP: 64 health, +40% regen
2PP: 75 health, +50% regen
3PP: 96 health, +60% regen
4PP: 121 health, +70% regen
5PP: 142 health, +80% regen

Warden Warden Conjure a Warden that restores 319 health to yourself or an ally. Generate a Psi Point.

The Warden also restores 82 health to 5 nearby allies every 2s for 10.0s.