Everstar Grove Datacubes, Journals and Tales Locations


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Everstar Grove

List of collectibles

1. Containment ProtocolsJournalExile
2. DATACUBE ENTRY: Botanical SentienceDatacubeExile
3. DATACUBE ENTRY: Energetic OrganismDatacubeExile
4. DATACUBE ENTRY: Parasitic ThreatDatacubeExile
5. DATACUBE ENTRY: Unexpected MutationDatacubeExile
6. Honey Expedition Distress CallJournalExile
7. Lazarin’s Own Alchemical ProductsJournalExile
8. Love Letter to the QueenJournalExile
9. My Flight from ArboriaJournalExile
10. Report to Doctor LazarinJournalExile
11. The Livingroot PhenomenonJournalExile
12. The Wisdom of ElderootJournalExile

8 thoughts on “Everstar Grove Datacubes, Journals and Tales Locations

  1. Akio Sohma

    Just found a new 9th journal in Everstar Grove. It’s in Elderoot Refuge and is called Galactic Explorer’s Handbook.

  2. Morgaloth

    The two Tales From Beyond the Fringe keys are 1) in Elderoot Refuge and 2) on the ground just as you are ready to leave the area by the Queen.

    Also, i didn’t jump down and grab Datacube:Energetic Organism while on the quest for the Arboretum, and when i went back, it was not there.

  3. Update Required

    Here is what was added into this zone and there locations:

    “The Nexus Project” -770, -2265

    “Galactic Explorer’s Handbook” -556, -3263

    Elderroot Refuge (-571, -3306, on a table)
    Exit to Celestion (661, -3292, in the cave in-front of the portal)

  4. Trufasa X

    The datacube DATACUBE ENTRY: Energetic Organism moved to Elderoot Refuge near the Grove Guardians.

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