Report to Doctor Lazarin

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The Journal is hidden on the ground, near dead body, inside the Exo-Lab 71: The Arboretum. When you step on a green, teleport plate, you will be teleported into this Lab. Quest “The Arboretum” will take you to this location, and you can get it from Lucy Lazarin in the Mystwood Forest.


Find and enter Exo-Lab 71: The Arboretum.


Everstar Grove

Everstar Grove

Report to Doctor Lazarin


[This XAS scientist’s report to Victor Lazarin would have been of more use if it had actually been delivered.]


Facility ID: Exo-Lab 71
Location: Everstar Grove
Facility Status: Active
-Further study
-Technological salvage
-Biological sample return

Translation of Eldan signage and data records indicate this facility was designated Exo-Lab 71. Like all exo-
labs discovered thus far, it appears to be dedicated to a particular set of experiments; unlike many of those same exo-labs, this one is almost completely intact and functional – making it an even more noteworthy discovery than

Exo-Lab 71 is not a large facility, but it appears to be capable of drawing a tremendous amount of life energy from its immediate surroundings. Currently, the exo-lab is in a sort of standby mode, but it is nevertheless channeling power to the entity designated “Elderoot.”

There can be little doubt that Exo-Lab 71 was directly related to the enhancement of the Elderoot entity. Further investigation will be required if we are to
co-opt this technology and use it in our ongoing search for a cure to the Contagion.

Quick Facts

Faction: Exile

Type: Journal