WildStar Guild Basics

One of the most important features in every MMO – guilds, has standard options we’ve seen so far in other MMO games and a few new, interesting ones. In WildStar, every moment spent playing with your guildmates means a lot to you and your fellow guildies.

How to create a guild in WildStar?

Ask a guard in your capital city about Guild Services and he will show you location of a guild management NPC on the city map. Prepare 10g and bring no one but yourself when you are level 12, because that’s all you need to register your guild. And some design affinity, since you have to create your guild emblem using one background and one foreground icon, found on two long lists. If you change your mind about the look of your guild emblem, you can always change it later for a small sum of influence (more about this later). You can also change names of three starting guild ranks (leader, council and member) while creating a guild.


Guild basic functions

  • Guild bank – unlock and rename guild vault tabs where you can deposit and withdraw items, deposit gold, set gold withdrawal allowance and repair limit, log tabs with every guild bank action displayed. You start without guild vault tabs so you have to spend influence to unlock the first one.
  • Customizable guild ranks – allow you to create and customize existing guild ranks and their permissions – chat, bank logs, invite, demote, rename guild ranks, etc. Although it says that you can enter 25 characters, max of 16 characters is allowed (it is a typo or a bug).

  • Guild tax – optional 5% tax that applies on every amount of gold looted by every guild member. Your money will get contributed to the guild vault if your guild leader decides to turn this on. For a leveling guild it might be the best to skip this until everyone gets to mid levels.

Additional Guild functions

  • Guild Holomarks
    In WildStar, guilds can create a Holomark: a holographic emblem projected in the air around the character. Since there is 65 inner and 65 outer designs, it means that around 4225 combinations will be available to players, and then each player can decide where they want to display it on their character. You can customize it further using Character screen » Titles » bottom right section (Turn each side on/off and proximity)
  • Guild Currency – Influence
    WildStar introduces Guild Currency – known as Influence, used to unlock guild perks. Your guild earns Influence through one simple method: playing WildStar with guildmates. “Playing” literally means being in a group with other guild members and doing almost anything you want: questing, killing creatures, running dungeons, raiding, PvP, and so on. The more guild members you have in your group, the faster you’ll earn Influence, so it’s definitely to your advantage to play with a full group of guildmates whenever possible. Maximum of 200k/day and 2 million stored.
  • Guild Perks
    Guild PerksYou have to spend influence points to unlock and, in some cases, activate unlocked perks. For example, you can unlock various boost potions bought from the renown vendor – reputation, experience, currency loot, prestige; unlock mobile banks and repair stations and activate them for influence points; unlock guild-wide buffs for 7 days and spend influence points to activate them (potions and buffs stack). You also have to spend influence points to unlock guild perk tiers

    There are six guild-wide buffs a guilds can unlock and activate. Unlocking the ability to use a buff is a one-time, high-Influence cost. Once unlocked, the buff can be activated for 7 days (real time) by spending a smaller amount of Influence. Any member of the guild is affected by this buff while they are logged in during those 7 days. These buffs typically boost the rate at which you earn currencies in the game, including experience, faction reputation, and Influence itself.
    The consumable items include things like summoning a guild bank out in the open world just by spending some Influence on the spot. You can also purchase the ability for guild members to buy “flasks” on their own, which give individual boosts that stack with the guild-wide buffs you may already have activated.