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Generous Donor Achievement – Thayd Museum

Generous Donor Achievement is unlocked when you gather eight (8) relics found throughout Nexus. This guide describes locations of Exile relics. Finding one of these relics gives you a quest that sends you to the Museum in Thayd. This is where you are supposed to leave these relics for safekeeping. Completing all these quests gives you 10 achievement points and title: Philanthropist.

Thayd Museum

Dorian Walker’s Museum is found in southeast Thayd. This area is called Walker’s Bluff. You can reach it via two ascending paths found north and west of Walker’s Bluff. Huge spaceship found at this location represents the Thayd Museum. Use the lift at the bottom of the spaceship’s left wing in order to enter the Museum.

In the table bellow you can find artifact names, locations and in-game information about their history. Wildstar once again surprises its players with hidden gems and rewards exploration off the beaten path in the best fashion possible.

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WildStar Mounts Guide

wildstar mounts

Mounts or speeders are important feature in every game, and that is the main reason why Carbine team has put a lot of effort to make this form of transportation fan and unique. WildStar will provide mounts (speeders) in a form of creatures and vehicles, which can be categorized as ground and flying mounts. Some WildStar mounts will be introduced early in the game, through quests or like a temporary mounts, but, when you reach higher levels, there will be permanent mounts with different abilities. Since the cost of the first mount is 10 gold, our suggestion is to start saving your money on time.
Find out more about mounts and locations where you can find them


PvP Details about Arenas and Battlegrounds

The latest WildStar DevSpeak focuses on Arenas and Battlegrounds and finally reveals additional information about PvP features. The interesting thing is that both features have much in common:

  • They can be played in either open or rated mode.
  • They both reward you with PvP vendor currency known as Prestige.
  • In open PvP world after being ganked, you respawn with 30 seconds of PvP invulnerability, unless you attack someone
  • Rated matches give you rating-specific rewards and allow ELO matchmaking (ELO is a measure of your strength calculated from your performance in rated PvP. ).
  • Levels and gear stats are normalized, in this way balanced matches will let you focus on crucial things in PvP like avoiding telegraphs and fast reacting.

Wildstar Attributes Guide

wildstar attributes Once you open the Character Screen (P) you’ll find a list of stats completely different from the ones you get used to in other MMOs. In WildStar, you can’t easily define Stats (Attributes), since they have different roles for almost each class, and provide subtle character development. On the Character Screen, Attributes are divided into two tabs: Primary Attributes and Secondary Attributes.

During the character’s progression your stats will automatically increase per level, and additional stuffs that also affect your attributes are Gear, Runes, and AMPs.
Before we continue with detailed explanation of Primary Attributes, I would like to draw your attention on definition of base stats: Assault and Support Powers, since those powers have the main role in many spells:

wildstar assault powerAssault Power affects damage and determines the effectiveness of Assault abilities and is subject to diminishing returns.
wildstar support powerSupport Power affects damage or healing effectiveness of Support abilities available in the Second Skill Tree under Support Tab.

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WildStar Guild Basics

One of the most important features in every MMO – guilds, has standard options we’ve seen so far in other MMO games and a few new, interesting ones. In WildStar, every moment spent playing with your guildmates means a lot to you and your fellow guildies.

How to create a guild in WildStar?

Ask a guard in your capital city about Guild Services and he will show you location of a guild management NPC on the city map. Prepare 10g and bring no one but yourself when you are level 12, because that’s all you need to register your guild. And some design affinity, since you have to create your guild emblem using one background and one foreground icon, found on two long lists. If you change your mind about the look of your guild emblem, you can always change it later for a small sum of influence (more about this later). You can also change names of three starting guild ranks (leader, council and member) while creating a guild.


Guild basic functions

  • Guild bank – unlock and rename guild vault tabs where you can deposit and withdraw items, deposit gold, set gold withdrawal allowance and repair limit, log tabs with every guild bank action displayed. You start without guild vault tabs so you have to spend influence to unlock the first one.
  • Customizable guild ranks – allow you to create and customize existing guild ranks and their permissions – chat, bank logs, invite, demote, rename guild ranks, etc. Although it says that you can enter 25 characters, max of 16 characters is allowed (it is a typo or a bug).

  • Guild tax – optional 5% tax that applies on every amount of gold looted by every guild member. Your money will get contributed to the guild vault if your guild leader decides to turn this on. For a leveling guild it might be the best to skip this until everyone gets to mid levels.

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WildStar Renown Social Currency

Renown is a social currency which is gained whenever a player groups up with others to complete content anywhere in the game. Players who don’t enjoy grouping can generate renown by completing content on their housing property.

When you group up with different Circles of your friends you get bonus like earning renown which can be use for creating a guild, or purchasing a variety of housing-related items, as well as some other interesting rewards.