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Wildstar Attributes Guide

wildstar attributes Once you open the Character Screen (P) you’ll find a list of stats completely different from the ones you get used to in other MMOs. In WildStar, you can’t easily define Stats (Attributes), since they have different roles for almost each class, and provide subtle character development. On the Character Screen, Attributes are divided into two tabs: Primary Attributes and Secondary Attributes.

During the character’s progression your stats will automatically increase per level, and additional stuffs that also affect your attributes are Gear, Runes, and AMPs.
Before we continue with detailed explanation of Primary Attributes, I would like to draw your attention on definition of base stats: Assault and Support Powers, since those powers have the main role in many spells:

wildstar assault powerAssault Power affects damage and determines the effectiveness of Assault abilities and is subject to diminishing returns.
wildstar support powerSupport Power affects damage or healing effectiveness of Support abilities available in the Second Skill Tree under Support Tab.

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