WildStar Warrior Class

WildStar Warrior
Warriors are unstoppable juggernauts on the battlefield, using a combination of heavy weaponry, powerful armor and advanced technology to take care of business. Fearless bruisers that give as good as they get, Warriors are at their best when charging into the fray.

Equipped with a heavy battle suit, and armed with a giant tech-sword and a plasma blasting arm cannon, Warriors use hyper-charged kinetic cells which allow the use of powerful attacks and greatly improve their destructive potential.
Drawing upon the power of these kinetic cells give Warriors access to a wide array of strategic technological capabilities designed to damage, disarm, or incapacitate their enemies. In short, the Warrior is a walking death machine, absorbing impressive amounts of damage while dispatching his foes by the dozens.

Available Warrior Races

wildstar granok Granok wildstar draken Draken
wildstar cassian Cassian wildstar human Human
    wildstar mechari Mechari
    wildstar mordesh Mordesh


Warrior Statistics

  • Role: Melee DPS, Tank
  • Equipment: Tech Sword
  • Armor Weight: Medium Armor (Upgrades to Heavy)
  • Ability Resources: Kinetic Cells
  • Primary Attribute: Brutality (DPS), Tech (Tank)


WildStar Warrior Combat Mechanics

During the fight Warrior has several abilities that power up kinetic cells, which can be used to dispatch more powerful attacks. Warrior can use kinetic cells either for offense or defense, and each special spell can be used with consumption of 1, 2 or 3 kinetic cells. Ability strength depends of the number of the used kinetic cells, thus, if you use an ability with one kinetic cell it will have smaller impact in battle, while with two or three kinetic cells your offense or defense are considerably stronger.

Warrior Abilities

Icon Ability Details
Relentless Strikes Relentless Strikes Deal 149 physical damage to 5 foes and build 185 Kinetic Energy.
Power Strike Power Strike Deal 288 physical damage to 5 foes and reduce the GCD of your next Power Strike by 0.25s.

1.25s GCD base, cannot go below 0.5s.

Leap Leap Leap forward 20m, or to the nearest foe, and deal 96 physical damage to 5 foes.
Savage Strikes Savage Strikes Deal 163 physical damage 2 times to 5 foes.

Knockdown Bonus: Increases damage to 327 and builds 125 Kinetic Energy.

Plasma Saw Plasma Saw Deal 119 technology damage to 5 foes every 2s for 10s.
Whirlwind Whirlwind Deal 170 physical damage, increased by 18 each hit, to 5 foes every 0.5s.
Augmented Blade Augmented Blade Add 57 technology damage and Wound to your next sword attack.

Wound: Reduces Incoming Healing by 60% for 9s.

Tremor Strike Tremor Strike Deal 621 physical damage and apply a Pushback to 10 foes.

Damage is dealt around the nearest foe.

Breaching Strikes Breaching Strikes Deal 335 physical damage 2 times to 5 foes and build 125 Kinetic Energy. Pierces 50% Armor.

Usable after landing a Critical Hit.

Expulsion Expulsion Deal 89 technology damage to 5 foes and Cleanse 1 Debuff.
Kick Kick Deal 94 physical damage and Knockdown 5 foes.

Knockdown: Prevents any action, except Dodge, for 3s. Destroys 1 Interrupt Armor.

Plasma Blast Plasma Blast Deal 163 technology damage and Taunt 5 foes.

Taunt: Reduces damage dealt, to all targets except Taunter, by 25% for 3s. NPCs are forced to attack Taunter.

Flash Bang Flash Bang Deal 162 technology damage and Blind 5 foes.

Blind: Hinders vision and reduces Hit Chance by 25% for 3s.

Plasma Whip Plasma Whip Deal 121 technology damage and Pull 2 foes. Destroy 1 Interrupt Armor.
Emergency Reserves Emergency Reserves Increase your Shield Capacity by 248, restore 1445 shield, and grant 1 Interrupt Armor for 6s.
Sentinel Sentinel Reduce your Armor by 355 and grant Guard to a party member.

Guard: Increases Armor by 710 and deals 36 physical damage to attacking foes.

Power Link Power Link Grant yourself and 4 party members Empower.

Empower: Increases Damage Dealt by 7% for 9s.

Defense Grid Defense Grid Create a field, lasting 10s, that grants party members Defense.

Defense: Increases Damage Mitigation by 15%.

Unstoppable Force Unstoppable Force Break free from all CC effects and grant Freedom.

Freedom: Immune to CC effects for 2s.

Tether Anchor Tether Anchor Deal 185 technology damage and Tether 1 foe.

Tether: Prevents moving more than 10m from the Tether unit for 5s.

Menacing Strike Menacing Strike Deal 146 physical damage to 5 foes and build 300 Kinetic Energy.

Generates 130% Threat.

Cannon Volley Cannon Volley Deal technology damage to 5 foes.

250+ KE: 273 dmg
500+ KE: 301 dmg
750+ KE: 328 dmg

Generates 200% Threat.

Plasma Wall Plasma Wall Deal 64 technology damage, increased by 18 each hit, to 5 foes every 0.5s and grant Defense.

Defense: Increases Damage Mitigation by 30% while channeling.

Wallop Wallop Deal 206 physical damage and apply Expose to 5 foes.

Expose: Reduces Armor by 10% for 12s.

Atomic Spear Atomic Spear Deal 298 technology damage to 5 foes and build 250 Kinetic Energy.

Usable after Deflecting an attack.

Polarity Field Polarity Field Create a field, lasting 10s, around a foe.

The field deals 39 technology damage to all foes inside the field every 1s.

Bolstering Strike Bolstering Strike Deal 53 technology damage to 5 foes and restore 561 shield.
Plasma Pulse Plasma Pulse Deal 437 technology damage plus 71 every 1s for 5s to 10 foes and grant Intimidate.

Intimidate: Match the top of an NPC’s Threat List for 5s.

Bum Rush Bum Rush Rush forward and deal 238 technology damage to 5 foes.

You will take no damage while moving.

Shield Burst Shield Burst Deal 92 technology damage to 10 foes, restore 440 shield, and build 250 Kinetic Energy.

Usable after your Shield is depleted.

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