Megaservers going live today

NCSoft has announced today the implementation of their new megaservers, which they hope will improve the games’ online functionality. All realms will be down for maintenance from Wednesday, October 15th at 5:00 Pacific Time, for a period of 12 to 24 hours. The players will be rewarded with a day worth of free play time, as well as Boom-Boxes (One per day for 30 days). All character above level 3 will be moved with all their stuffs. All guilds, arena teams, circles, mail and auction items will also be moved to the new 4 servers:

 North AmericaEurope
PvE MegaserverEntityJabbit
PvP MegaserverWarhoundLuminai

Beware that all characters below level 3 not logged-in in the last 30 days will be deleted.

Since some characters will have duplicate names, NCSoft has announced the addition of surnames, which you will be prompted to fill in once you login to the game. When guild naming conflict exists, the oldest guild with the conflicted name will have the priority over the younger guilds.

You can refer to the official FAQ for any unanswered question that you have.