New daily zone coming to Wildstar – Star-Comm Basin

Wildstar was playable on the show floor of GamesCom 2014 on both Twitch and Alienware booths and the demo shown on those computer had a brand new land for players to explore. This zone is called Star-Comm Basin and it will be a new daily zone in the game, coming with one of the future content drops. Zone is a level 50 version of Levian Bay and it brings new rewards and ways for you to earn Eldan gems. Mark Hulmes, EU English community manager was kind enough to walk us through the demo of the zone and you can see some gameplay footage (including some PvP) as well as some of the reputation rewards you can earn by replying daily quests in this zone in the video bellow:

3 thoughts on “New daily zone coming to Wildstar – Star-Comm Basin

    1. Serge Post author

      It is not just a daily zone that is being added to the game. They are also adding a completely new lvl 50 zone (the Defile), new dungeon (Protostar Games), new holiday event (for Halloweeen) and a new PvP arena. It is not like they are just feeding us with endless daily rotations.

    2. Daized

      I mean to be fair the game is still new so they have to add more stuff for level 50’s to do in between vets plus I’m actually glad they added another zone because it will be alot faster to cap on elder gems instead of doing two zones and blighthaven dailies. However I do understand where you’re coming from with being done with the game, just take a break from it and come back in like a few months I’m sure they’ll have alot more stuff for you to do by then 🙂

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