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Doom’s Sting


You have recovered the deadly stinger from Doomsting, a massive Dazeroot buzzbing in Pollenberry Grove. Watcher Yalesh Sageroot at Sageroot’s Outpost would be interested in such an item. You should deliver it to him.

Doom's Sting 7176 Kill Doomsting (5 man mob) and loot item – Doomsting Stinger he drops.
Doom's Sting 7177 Use the item from your inventory to start the quest.


Return the Doomsting Stinger to Watcher Yalesh Sageroot at Sageroot’s Outpost


Quick Facts

Faction: Exile

Level: 7

Required Level: 4


Zone: Celestion

Category: Zone – Celestion

4 thoughts on “Doom’s Sting

    1. Lokesh

      Just get really close to him. When I was near him, he attacked me and I was able to defend myself, killing him in the process.

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